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Yoursay: Umno aiming to rattle Harapan by making FDI untenable?

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YOURSAY | ‘Fathul Bari should not stop the boycott at H&M – extend it to all foreign products.’

Umno leader targets H&M's M'sian chain over pro-LGBT donation

Anonymous_1544340881: Corruption, silent. Abuse of power by Umno-BN, silent. Declining standards in education or safety of children in educational institutions, silent. Stealing from the rakyat by the previous administration, silent. Giving and receiving bribes, silent.

I think it’s better if Umno leaders like Fathul Bari Mat Jahya comment constructively on more important matters that go to the heart and soul of the nation than superficial matters, like what’s on sale in H&M. Better to pay more attention to the young students being sexually assaulted in religious schools.

In any event, your call to boycott H&M does not make sense. Why stop there? Umno and your PAS allies should organise a rally demanding not only for a boycott of the retail store, but also all the Malay-Muslims working there too.

Even better, extend it to all Western companies, as by law they cannot discriminate against the LGBT community – therefore in treating LGBT as equals they are normalising this marginalised community, and indirectly encouraging LGBTs by treating them as normal human beings.

Boycott them all. Don't buy their products, don't work for them. Hold on to your principles. Better to be unemployed than to be seen associating with companies that are pro-LGBT.

As the common refrain goes, others will get a bad impression of you and your religion if you associate in any way with such companies. Join the ranks of the unemployed.

And when you’re back in the kampung or Felda areas, spread the word that palm oil is an ingredient in many sexual lubricants like Durex’s KY Jelly, that is sold openly in shops around the world, including in Malaysia.

But I better not say this out loud – lest the weak-minded suddenly decide they want to ‘become’ gay, since I hear that even seeing symbols of other religions or talking about it can weaken one’s faith and cause conversion. Better safe than sorry, right?

I think we’d better spread the world to Felda and other oil palm producers not to sell it to the West, so as to not facilitate this ‘deviant’ behaviour.

Never mind if we go bankrupt, it’s better than earning ‘haram’ money.

Money can be earned back when Umno-PAS get back into power, by way of stealing, extortion and corruption. All that is okay, so long as nobody is gay, right?

Cogito Ergo Sum: Umno is making Malaysia less tenable as a place to invest. I think their strategy is to kill off Pakatan Harapan by frightening off investors.

And Harapan’s answer seems to be pandering to Umno’s out-of-sync tune. Harapan, have you no one bold enough to say enough is enough?

BesaManMucho: H&M should close its warehouse business in Malaysia and take its business to neighbouring countries. Let all the support services lose the business, like in logistics, Malaysia Airlines, and AirAsia.

More graduates being unemployed is better for morons like Fathul Bari. Morons like him will make Malaysia bankrupt.

Malaysian-United: Fathul Bari and his supporters should not buy anything from H&M. But it shouldn’t stop there. Even better to not buy any foreign brand of clothing and footwear like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc.

Don't eat in foreign F&B franchise outlets, don't buy foreign smartphones, cars, PCs, tablets, skin care products, TVs, fridges, air-conditioning units, etc, because they are all produced by kafir (unbelievers) – many of whom empathise with and are compassionate towards the LGBT community.

Grrrrrrrr 2019: Look at all these fringe and fly-by-night politicians looking for a cause to latch onto and raise their profiles.

Go ahead and boycott H&M, I’m sure they don’t want you in their stores as well. A lot of non-Muslims probably won’t join in the boycott, and contribute to the LGBT community as well.

So you’d better boycott them too by refusing to receive any grant, aid or payment from the government, as the tax dollars of non-Muslims are mixed in with those from Muslims.

Anonymous_49d8b96c: Another small-minded and attention-grabbing leader yearning for five minutes of fame and cheap publicity.

These people must not use the cash in their possession too, as it is also in circulation and exchanges by people engaging in non-halal business and sinful economic activities, LGBT people included.

Are you going to boycott Bank Negara as the authority that issues the Malaysian money as our legal tender? These ultras must stop being ultra-stupid.

JD Lovrenciear: The rich, the famous, the powerful, the well-connected – all of them have no problems with all this drumming of hatred and discrimination against the LGBT community.

They have the means to escape. Surely in Malaysia, too, we have cases like this but safely screened from the public eye.

But the ordinary people will have to suffer under the hammering of these political ‘heroes’ who brandish religion as their weapon to start the hate war. Why must we succumb to such brutality?

H&M's pro-LGBT 'Love for All' range not sold in M'sia, says rep

Anonymous 770241447347646: We invite foreign investors into Malaysia. This helps provide jobs for Malaysians, and earns the country money in taxes.

But here we have a situation where we also want to control their activities. These companies have a right to help who they wish.

We should not pass judgement on what foreign companies invest in, or who they target with their marketing.

Doing so won’t be in our favour, as these companies might think twice about investing here due to unfavourable conditions.

Anonymous 2460431488547967: Why does Fathul Bari even bother questioning the supposed links between H&M's Malaysian stores and a United Nations campaign in support of the LGBT community?

According to our wise tourism and culture minister, there are no LBGT in Malaysia.

Wira: To Fathul Bari and supporters, I heard that there is a T-shirt on sale in H&M with the print “I’m stupid.” I think all of you should get one.

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