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Yoursay: Nice to hear ‘rights of all M’sians’, but time to put words into action

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YOURSAY | ‘If this needs to be repeated every year ad nauseam, it shows that M’sia is a failed state.’

PM: Gov't will defend constitutional monarchy, rights of all M'sians

David Dass: There is nothing wrong with the contents of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s speech, In fact, it is a good speech. The problem - as many have said - the words ring hollow at the many breaches of the rights of the non-Malays and non-Muslims.

They need action and not just words of assurance. The Malays do not need assurance.

Some Malays protest at the appointment of a non-Malay attorney-general, a non-Malay chief justice and a non-Malay finance minister.

Some Malays protest at the decision to adhere to human rights conventions. They allege Christian and Chinese conspiracies to undermine the Malays and Islam. They allow, and in fact encourage, the insulting and disrespectful preaching of a fugitive from India.

We do not know how many Malays. But those who protest raise their strident voices and try to give the impression that many Malays share their concerns. The majority of Malays are silent.

The non-Malays do not want domination or preferential status. They want equal treatment, they want justice, fairness and compassion. They want all poor people helped.

I believe that Mahathir means what he says. The problem is undertaking a plan of action that works for all.

Shared prosperity only works when educational standards are high and skills training effective and relevant. Shared prosperity only works when there are well-paying jobs for workers whose productivity is high.

Shared prosperity only works when people work hard, save money, invest prudently and make sacrifices - for long-term gain. Shared prosperity for many can only occur when poverty is eradicated and basic needs are looked after.

Learn from Singapore - how they dealt with public housing. Get their help. There is no shame learning from them. India has sought their help. China obtained their help. 

This tiny red dot has set the pace for much bigger nations. At least, on some things.

Aponakdikato: If this type of statement needs to be repeated every year ad nauseam by the prime minister, then it is an indication that Malaysia is a failed state, because its development continues to be burdened and impaired by racial and religious issues.

Until and unless the country has leaders who have the political will and courage to steer the country away from racial and religious polemics, Malaysia will not come close to the progress Singapore is enjoying.

Sadly, Mahathir is too focused on his personal agenda, and many promised reforms are not happening. Undurlah (step down) Mahathir, for the sake of Malaysia; you are no different from Umno-BN.

JW: "... as well as the legitimate rights of the other races as stated in the Federal Constitution, will always be defended and taken care of."

Talk is cheap, Mahathir. When are you walking the talk? In fact, what you have shown since late last year is more and more of your bigoted self again.

If you yourself cannot walk the talk, even at this age of yours when you don't really have to worry about political power and should be instead demonstrating your wisdom, what do you expect many of the younger Malaysians to do?

Existential Turd: I am always amazed at the depth and inventiveness of the majority in this country in insulting the minorities.

Not only they give refuge to a foreign hate preacher who is wanted by his own home country, they feted him with grand reception everywhere. They cheered him (or at least stayed silent) when he insults the minorities, calling them essentially "pendatangs".

Then they allow this foreigner to use our own legal system to taunt our own citizens, and not just any citizen, but members of the ruling government who dare to challenge him.

RZee: The rights of Malaysians will be protected to avoid bloodshed. But let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. The rights will never be equal, and therein lies the problem.

There are lines in politics that must not be crossed, Agong says

Pegasus: A very good speech indeed from Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah on not fracturing the harmony between the races for the sake of politics. Now let’s see if our politicians will listen.

The people wish to live in peace and harmony, but our leaders and politicians are the ones that keep stirring up racial and religious issues and pit one race against another.

We have lost all hope with our politicians. Now we can only count on the wisdom and the neutral stand of our rulers to ensure all Malaysians remain united, the country remains peaceful and we embrace and respect one another regardless of race or religion.

Thinking Aloud: His Majesty is steering the country in the right direction. One can only hope the government takes heed, especially the prime minister.

For those in Umno and PAS and some extreme NGOs, they would most likely ignore what the Agong says and continue to divide the country to achieve their political ambitions.

Apanakdikato: Truly, he is the only sultan and Agong in history who is humble enough to mingle freely with the rakyat and does not put on airs. He tries to earn respect, rather than demand the rakyat to respect him, as the others we see today do.

The Agong should play a stronger role in curbing religious and racial extremism in the country, and should be open to criticising the government for its failure to fulfil its promises to the rakyat.

Patathewoonie: Great advice, Daulat Tuanku. I hope the Agong and royal families would take lead to champion unity among all races.

The government must take stern actions on all those who exploit 3R (race, religion, royalty) issues. Move in this direction, and we are on the right path.

Fair Play: The 16th Yang Di-Pertuan Agong has used patriotism (loyalty to king and country) as the theme to unite the communities, unlike the politicians since independence who had been using the differences between the various communities as their political tools to drive a wedge among them.

Perhaps it is time for the rakyat to wake up to the reality that the politicians are not there to take care of them - as evidenced by the depth of poverty among the B40 (bottom 40 percent) after 62 years as a nation.

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