YOURSAY | Najib, there can’t be one rule for Umno and another for others



YOURSAY | ‘‘Bought’ MPs? Who's buying whom? The reality as we all know is something else.’

Slim majority with 'bought MPs' - king can dissolve Parliament, says Najib

Quigonbond: So former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, once again, one set of rules for the almighties like you, and another set for Pakatan Harapan? 

You know who started this whole farcical way of determining whether the chief executive has majority? You.

The Perak coup in 2009 should not have happened the way it did. Confidence should have been tested in the state assembly. That has opened up the Pandora's box for Malaysia.

Everyone has to live with the consequences now, including the royalty. There cannot be one rule for Umno and another rule for someone else.

Clever Voter: The day has come for Najib to use his allegedly ill-gotten gains to return to power.

Gullible people can be easily lured with money. With deep pockets come the patronage that has worked for him. He can buy enough votes to continue his kleptocracy.

While many may be disgusted at his comments, Najib can still make a comeback. After all, he is right on one point - cash is king.

Vent: "Bought" MPs? Who's buying whom? In the alternate reality, Najib is adroit at constructing PN as the virtuous party.

The reality as we all know is quite something else. But his loyal, gullible base will buy it and that's all that matters in this reality show.

PW Cheng: Good strategy, Najib. When PN is doing bulk purchases by freely offering plum government-linked company (GLC) positions, you blame Harapan for buying PN MPs.

When PN is building a RM100 million research centre in Jerantut sans going through proper channels, you blamed Harapan for doing the same with a RM500 million workers rehabilitation centre in Ipoh Barat (which is not even in Ipoh Barat).

When Umno is the leader in the 3Rs (race, religion and royalty) game, you blame others for allowing you to be copycat.

When anything or everything goes wrong in Umno, you blame DAP for it. When you are caught siphoning money from somewhere, you blame others of depositing money into your account without your knowledge.

When you are caught plundering the country of billions, you blame another PM for showing you the way. What a wonderful world you are living in.

Mushiro: Najib and Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi are speaking up to save themselves from the court cases. This is very desperate and narrow thinking.

Indeed, why was it okay when Perikatan Nasional (PN) bought PKR and Bersatu MPs?

Kural: It is a spectacle to see such confidence in our two prominent Malay political leaders from Umno.

Between these two, they are facing more than 50 charges for misuse of public funds, money laundering and abuse of power. And yet, they are not diminished in earnestness to contest elections to form the next government and continue on with their ‘reputed’ public service.

There must something out of the ordinary about the social origins of our democracy that gives hope to such leaders that they can return to rule the nation.

Kim Quek: Sorry, Najib. The Agong does not have the discretion to dissolve Parliament as he thinks fit, as suggested by you.

The Agong can only dissolve Parliament upon such a request from the PM when the latter ceases to command the confidence of the majority of MPs, as prescribed in Article 43 (4) of the Federal Constitution.

Though Article 55 (1) states that the Agong “may dissolve Parliament”, but such decision must only be exercised upon advice from the cabinet as stipulated under Article 40 (1).

The same constitutional provision prevails in all state constitutions.

Weird Weirder: If Umno/PAS wants to force a snap election, they have to do it while they can control the outcome, which is now.

If Harapan+ already has the majority of the Parliament, it does not matter what Umno or PAS does. So Umno does not have the luxury of time to force a snap election. Once they miss the boat, they cannot force it anymore.

The Analyser: Any politician talking about the dissolution of Parliament is thinking only of himself/herself.

As far as the people are concerned, the last thing they want is another election which will result in no appreciable change. It would also mean another five years of incompetent idiocy instead of the three years we are stuck with now.

As I read it, the only people wanting to upset PN are Mahathir and DAP - one to increase his wealth, the other to save face. What fantastic criteria on which to make a choice. Stay with PN and get through the pain quickly.

Anonymous_e70407cb: Blame the two biggest fools whose stupidity let others played them and now the stupid and weakened fools served the purposes of the wicked and corrupted.

Let's pray that the traitors and their masters get buried forever and Harapan will prevail stronger this time to fulfil its promises to the voters.

There will not be a second betrayal after this bitter lesson. Let Harapan be wary and be smarter.

Anonymous122288: I don't like the ‘backdoor’ PN government. I still prefer Harapan government though not perfect as without thieving and corrupt personalities.

If Harapan could not secure back the government, it is better to dissolve the Parliament and to have new elections.

Fairman: Najib, we know why you want the Dewan Rakyat dissolved. It looks like your goose will be cooked in the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

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