YOURSAY | ‘Lack of remorse and show of arrogance in Najib’s family’



YOURSAY | ‘Blood is thicker than water. It would be strange if Nooryana is not seen to support her father…’

‘We don’t quit’ - Najib’s daughter vows fight goes on despite guilty verdict

MS: When members of this family speak, they are really not addressing the section of the population that Malaysiakini commenters represent, but the undereducated demographic who back them no matter what crimes they are convicted of.

There is a significant portion of the Malaysian population which is completely impervious to the criminality of its leaders.

It is this crowd to which the immeasurably rich and elaborately titled reach out each time there is a general election - a crowd that is traditionally awed by shows of opulence and power, and who are given to genuflection as a matter of habit.

And if you scrutinise the electoral constituencies of its leaders, you will note that they are always rural or semi-rural.

This great divide, it now appears, is not merely geographical. It is also in terms of core values and guiding principles which dictate personal and group behaviour and mark the difference between right and wrong.

Politicians, like the robed group which visited the convict late at night in his palatial dwelling, understand this fact better than most Malaysians who naively believe everyone is guided by the same set of principles.

Which is why this lot will continue to ignore the telling verdict of the court as well as the tenets of their own professed faith and back the convict... just until his political viability is in doubt.

King Kong: I would really like to know if Nooryana Najwa Najib really thinks her father, former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, is not corrupted. I mean genuinely, because anyone in the world can’t be that oblivious or daft to think otherwise.

If that was the case, then these people are really living in a different world from the rest of us.

Vent: Excuse me? What reason is there on earth for the Najib family not to quit? The evidence was damning.

Even the legal laypersons among us could see that the man reeked of guilt. But as Malaysians, used to the vagaries of countless inexplicable judgments, we could only wait with bated breath for this particular judgment.

But when it came, judgment fell on him like a sharp blade of a clean sword brought down unsparingly by a brave, upright and noble judge.

But what is damning now is how the dark forces of that infamous family and their cash-deprived supporters are in effect challenging the rule of law because of their depraved sense of privilege and righteousness.

Perhaps they are taking a page from the Trump playbook. Didn't her infamous father once declare that US President Donald Trump called him a “friend”?

But to borrow some poetic licence from the esteemed judge, not only do “all roads lead to Rome”, all roads in Malaysia must now lead to Sungai Buloh.

BluePigeon9008: Najib's conviction is certainty good news for loyal Malaysians - Malaysians who are dedicated to peace, prosperity, rule of law, and of course, a corruption-free country.

It is expected for a daughter to speak in favour of her criminal father. Najib's “sumpah laknat” is akin to Trump holding a bible in front of a church - both are publicity stunts designed to fool cult-like followers.

Whatever his daughter's stand is, Najib is officially a thief and a liar who abused his power. Like all criminals, he should be incarcerated.

Siva1967: Not quitting is an admirable trait, that is if one is trying to challenge the norms and going against the tide to achieve greater heights or to be an outstanding individual fighting against all odds to make it in the world.

However, stating “we don’t quit” for a criminal act only goes to show that the criminal actions will continue despite one having been caught, charged, and convicted in the court of law.

This surely shows that there is no remorse either by the perpetrator and/or by the people closest to them. It also goes to show that in Nooryana’s mind, whatever was done by her father was right all along.

When I was younger, I was actually involved in some dubious commercial crime but however was released by the police without any charges and was advised by the police that since I was not charged in the court of law, it was assumed that there was no crime committed.

However, I was in fact guilty of committing it, hence I tendered my resignation. The entire thing was only RM5,000. For me, it was not the value of the cash but more the trust that I have lost in the eyes of my employer and my fellow colleagues.

Cyclonus: Nooryana, I think you and your family have done enough damage to the nation. I would just quietly fade into the horizon if I were you.

You are already enjoying a good life courtesy of the rakyat's money. And now to add insult to injury, you are still crying innocence? You and your family are a special breed indeed.

YellowFish9545: It’s a little weird when the entire world caught him with his hands in the cookie jar - and no doubt the rest of his family were accomplices - yet they feel they have a moral high ground.

The person who stole two cans of sardines and was thrown in jail at least had more dignity.

Vijay47: I would be surprised, Nooryana, if as Najib’s daughter you did not stand by your father during his present “gelap”-est (darkest) hours. Nobody would think any less of you, in fact everyone would admire the filial piety you display.

However, such affection and support should best be kept within the confines of the home, not to be exhibited in public, especially after the court found him guilty of all seven charges he faced.

Worse, your comments on your father’s predicaments carry more than a touch of arrogance. There seems this suggestion that Najib is somehow above the limitations and responsibilities that the common man is required to comply with.

It is here, Nooryana, that you are your father’s greatest liability. Far from showing any remorse which may have brought your family some sympathy, your smug haughtiness only serves to earn greater public derision.

Indeed, you cannot quit, there is so much more to come. You may believe that the whole world is not only unjust, everyone seems to be hounding him.

It might be only natural that despite the overwhelming evidence, you still hold Najib to be a victim. Alas, in the world’s books, he is the villain.

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