YOURSAY | Azmin is not about ‘real’ change, it's about Anwar



YOURSAY | 'Why don’t you talk about change in rural enclaves dominated by Umno warlords?’

Azmin: It's time Permatang Pauh folks get 'real change'

Malaysia Is Surrealist Art That Can Be Bought: It is obvious a once brilliant and cunning brain is starting to lose its lustre.

International Trade and Industry Minister and former PKR deputy president Azmin Ali's argument is starting to sound eerily like a borrowed line from one of BN's election campaign slogans. Perhaps, when shoulders rub too frequently, brain matter actually does get transferred from one entity to another, much like a certain dreaded virus.

The lack of originality of his war cry and his corny tone of desperation could still be acceptable. What isn't is his lack of skill to wait for the hot iron to cool before striking. Now, he has burned through the very fabric of a society that pioneered the support for reformation by hammering at their loyal nerves, while sympathy for PKR president Anwar Ibrahim is running at an all-time high.

The Anwar clan is loved and especially so by the folk of Permatang Pauh. For them, the term "nepotism" is simply taboo. What they see instead is "family" - one of the sacrificial lambs that continue to be butchered by an ambitious emperor and his many Judas.

Judging by the hate comments, I'm not sure where Azmin is going to turn to now for mass support. He'd have to do a lot more shoulder-rubbing within the circles of PAS and Umno.

What we can guarantee for now is that he is not going to find cheering crowds in Anwar’s stronghold of Permatang Pauh; definitely not when he untimely burns these already fuming folks with a hot iron.

Heron: It’s quite disconcerting that this individual with such notoriety of personally profiting from his unprincipled political manoeuvres can cast such aspersions on voters in the Permatang Pauh constituency.

Especially since this a constituency that has repeatedly supported an individual and his family who stood by upright principles in political struggles against abuse of power. A Malay adage reminds us that there are unscrupulous individuals who will claim to see a tiny gem across a seashore and beyond but are unable to see an elephant in their eyelids.

One would hate to think that this is the kind of leadership that is increasingly acknowledged and is becoming fashionable in our political setting.

Doir: We need to change the culture of politicians. First, let’s vote in those with a good track record and integrity irrespective of which party they belong to. We must never trust traitors who betray our votes.

Those who only champion based on race, religion and dividing our unity should also be sent packing. Without unity and harmony, our country cannot progress smoothly.

Hopefully, by acknowledging the capabilities of an individual rather than the party, we are going to have a crop of good politicians in future and our well-being will be safeguarded.

Defection and corruption will be checked by the voters by eliminating them in the poll and not letting them a chance to get elected or be a representative in the government. Many elected representatives cannot be trusted now going by the current spate of defections. This is a betrayal of the voters’ trust and makes a fool of them.

GoldenBear7245: Decades under Anwar and his family, yet Permatang Pauh remains a backward constituency.

What changes have Anwar and his family brought to the voters of Permatang Pauh? All they ever do in Permatang Pauh is attend kenduri and prayers, but no progress at all beyond the expectation for everyone to vote for them. It’s time to kick the Anwars out of Permatang Pauh and vote for real change.

IndigoTrout2522: Permatang Pauh is in good hands. Its parliamentarian, Nurul Izzah Anwar, is far more qualified and principled than Azmin.

Does Azmin have the guts to run in Permatang Pauh against Nurul? If not, talk is cheap. Voters in Gombak will reject him for betraying Harapan. This time, he won’t have former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to shield and protect him.

Bobby0: As far as Penang is concerned, its leaders are doing their utmost to lift the living standards and incomes of the Penangites.

Compared to the sinking states of Kelantan and now Terengganu. With the rules and regulations being imposed on their businesses, it will be a matter of time before they will depend on the federal administration, holding a begging bowl waiting for handouts.

Kedah is the next in line with the new administration, which might see local investors moving to other states where they might see some sensible leader in the leadership position.

Why no sound from you, Azmin, especially about the growth of the economy? How is it that you are silent when there are such acts and rules that will not only frighten foreign investors but also locals to move away?

If your entire agenda while in office is to concentrate on just one family, the country’s economic recovery is in danger. If you want to concentrate just on one family, then it is time for Rafizi Rami and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to stand in the Gombak and Ampang constituencies in the coming elections.

Malaysia Bharu: Why pinpoint on Permatang Pauh? What about the rest of the rural enclaves held for decades by select Umno warlords?

What about Pekan that has been all about former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak’s family since independence? How long are they to be kept in delusion? Don't they deserve change too?

Nash: Oh Azmin, you never learn, do you?

Clearly, you are so out of touch with people that you think people in Permatang Pauh will accept you and your ideas. Look around in Penang. The state has flourished in the past 10 years when DAP took over the government.

I would go as far as to say that people in Penang would welcome the move to be a 100 percent Harapan state. Nobody would want a traitor like you or the likes of your clan to be near Penang.

Seberang Jaya state representative Afif Bahardin is disliked by many just because he supported you, so imagine the reaction if your clan were to contest in Penang.

Asitis: Azmin, thanks but no thanks. We do not need any of your Perikatan Nasional's change in Penang, "real" or otherwise. In Penang, we prefer to see change through the front door.

And I dare you to stand for election in Permatang Pauh come GE15.

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