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YOURSAY | Muhyiddin gets a dose of own medicine

YOURSAY | ‘Like it is said, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.’

Muhyiddin: I am still PM until proven otherwise

Rupert16: “Until that is proven, the PN government stands firm and I am the legitimate prime minister,” said Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Muhyddin, you were never the legitimate PM in the first place. You took power by the backdoor and overthrew a government mandated by the rakyat. Got it?

The ruling Perikatan Nasional (PN), in a joint statement, accused opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of being “power crazy”.

These guys should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror.

Malaysia4All: Isn't it rich and hypocritical of Muhyiddin to say that "This claim (that the PN government has fallen) needs to be proven through the processes and procedures determined by the Federal Constitution"?

After all, wasn't it Muhyiddin himself who formed his government by not going through the same procedure?

RR: Let us have a snap general election (GE) to resolve this never-ending fight between PN and the opposition led by Anwar.

After the GE, all should work to gather to eradicate the Covid-19 pandemic and for a progressive and democratic Malaysia.

Salvage Malaysia: I believe there are two issues to this:

1) If there are Umno and BN MPs jumping to Anwar’s side, then Muhyiddin is confirmed to have fewer than 112 seats.

2) But that doesn’t mean Anwar’s new coalition will automatically have more than 112 because there may be some opposition who still refuse to be together with him. Then in such a situation, Anwar’s claim of having a solid margin is again another farce.

A snap election will be better if there is only a weak majority.

Cascara: It’s dangerous to have snap elections during these very risky Covid-19 times. Sabah should be a lesson to all.

If a state election can trigger hundreds of new cases, think of the havoc a general election can do. We the rakyat do not want to emulate the US just because of some power-hungry (read: money-hungry) politicians want to remain in office.

If Anwar can show a majority, just let him take over the reins. Why force another unnecessary election? After all, didn’t Muhyiddin do the same earlier?

Kesihan (pity) Mahathir. Only five MPs on his side inclusive of him? What a pathetic and deserved end to his conniving political career.

His calculations went wrong somewhere. I hope he realises it is no point wasting any more money on the remaining few supporters and cronies. Frogs can jump in any direction at any time.

The Wakandan: Well, Muhyiddin gets his just deserts. He did this to others and now he clings to dear life to his PMship.

Like it is said, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Vgeorgemy: As in the proverbial saying the ball is in the Muhyiddin's court. Why didn't you seek the confidence of the Dewan Rakyat to establish your majority? Such hasn't happened.

Muhyiddin has no other option but to hand over the power to the original winner of GE14.

Constitutional Supremacy: Muhyiddin, remember Mahathir told you not to cooperate with Umno as you will not know how to dismount it.

Some Umno MPs had joined Bersatu and you gave them top posts. From within, they divided the Bursary.

Party secretary-general Hamzah Zainuddin and team then manoeuvred to get Mahathir and five others sacked, thus dividing Bersatu into two.

Now Umno president Zahid Amand Hamidi has apparently engineered a collaboration with Anwar a coup against you.

The result will be Bersatu completely sidelined and in next election completely destroyed as Umno will challenge all Bersatu seats. Thus, Bersatu will soon be history.

Fair Play: Muhyiddin, you know what you just did? Projecting.

You accused Anwar of doing what you did with the Sheraton Move.

Kawak: "This latest act proves his (Anwar’s) greedy and power-crazy attitude where he does not care about political stability, the country’s economy or the fate of the people who have been affected badly by Covid-19,” said the PN joint statement.

When they are receiving end, they complained.

YellowZebra4720: There is increasingly little difference whoever becomes the prime minister in this exercise of frog-jumping.

Even Anwar has significantly toned down his multiracial rhetoric, presumably to pander to the Umno MPs who jumped ship.

The question we really ought to ask ourselves is, what is the point - when a change of government happens every once in a while, the change of mindset never happens.

Plecolitic: Anwar is doing a Musa Aman now.

Since it successfully resulted in the dissolution of the Sabah state assembly, let’s see if Muhyiddin will do a Shafie Apdal.

Popcorn refills, please.

YOURSAY | Anwar Move - expect more turbulence in nation’s politics

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