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YOURSAY | ‘Abah, stop blowing your own horn about fighting Covid’

YOURSAY | ‘The rise in Covid-19 cases is partly due to your game of thrones...’

Muhyiddin: While Anwar was at palace, I was focusing on fighting Covid-19

Newday: My apologies, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, but this comment is focused on the headline ‘While Anwar was at palace, I was focusing on fighting Covid-19’.

You have indeed been distinctly ‘out of focus’ when dealing with Covid-19. Otherwise, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor would not be under conditional movement control order (CMCO).

About 99.8 percent of our infections are from the fallout due to the Sabah state election which you treated like a federal election. Every resource possible from the Peninsular was poured into Sabah.

And now Sabah is critically overloaded with coronavirus cases and Covid-19 is popping up in KL like mushrooms after a really long wet spell. Even the police have been badly infected.

So please, do not insist that you are focussed on fighting Covid-19 as you seriously messed up on this current outbreak.

This began with Attorney General’s Chambers dropping charges against former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman. That ‘deal’ set in motion where we are today. It’s all done under your compliant prime ministerial watch, Abah.

Is this really all worth you siding with the greedy and morally corrupt? You should sack yourself.

YellowRusa5552: First and foremost, if we analyse the genesis of our current Covid-19 predicament, we have to ask ourselves the question, who let the dog out in the first place?

Muhyiddin, wasn't Musa let off the hook with your blessing and then tasked with taking back the Sabah government?

If Musa had gone through the due process of the law, there would not be any need for CMCO today. This time the fault lies squarely with you, Abah.

Oxymoronictendencies: Pity that Muhyiddin didn't spend more time preventing the recent infection spike. It seems like he is now "closing the door after the horse has bolted".

Instead, he played his political game of thrones blithely uncaring about the spread of Covid-19.

Now, he has wiped out all the efforts of the rakyat over the past six months. Unbelievable! And he has the audacity to crow about how his focus is solely on "fighting the virus spread".

He is the one that allowed the spread in the first place. Better that he resigns now and take that backstabber, Azmin Ali, with him.

MS: Abah, in case your childish advisers did not tell you this, PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim is doing exactly what you did back in January and February - "saving Malaysia".

Remember you and your followers don't have a monopoly on that.

But whatever the case, keep doing only what you are receiving a salary for - managing the pandemic - not managing your political fortunes by undermining another state like you did Sabah.

Fair Malaysian: There are so many gaping wounds Muhyiddin has inflicted on the country. To begin with, if he and his inconsiderate schemers had not destabilised the Pakatan Harapan government, I doubt we would be in a situation that has become almost a nightmare.

While the then government, particularly then deputy prime minister Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and then health minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad were busy trying to contain the spread of Covid-19, Muhyiddin broke the promise he gave to the people, abandoned them and forged a backdoor government with Azmin Ali, Abdul Hadi Awang and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Hadi and Zahid may be excused since they were opposition politicians then. Muhyiddin and Azmin, however, did the most treacherous act. They broke the promise they gave the people and brought down a legitimate government.

In fact, Muhyiddin has been living off a very thin margin and has been trying to keep them close by offering them position and perks. Whether what Anwar is doing is right or wrong is beside the point. They opened the door.

Muhyiddin cannot go on with just "life-support". Sooner rather than later, the path he, Azmin, Home Minister Hamzah Zainuddin, Hadi and Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein took will engulf them.

Kuniyo: While the country was fighting Covid-19 in February, you launched the “Sheraton Move”. While people suffered financially, you had a sumptuous lunch with other ministers in Parliament.

While people followed anti-Covid-19 standard operating procedure, your ministers flouted it openly, and you did nothing to stop them.

AT-SIXX: It is not rational to expect an opposition politician to 'fight Covid' when those in opposition have no say in the executive branch. They can just talk.

If you were busy fighting Covid, that's great as it's your job together with your team to keep Malaysia safe. Keep this focus and bring Covid cases down. We need Malaysia up and running fast.

Anonymous283746540: Muhyiddin, it appears that you have lots of time to plot the overthrow of the Warisan government in Sabah.

Congratulations, you succeeded. You got Sabah, we got Covid.

Vijay47: As I am usually wont to do whenever I read Muhyiddin’s statements, I was moved to tears over how our prime minister, our Abah, was bravely and single-handedly taking on Covid-19.

And I was not even laughing. As the country, no, the world, faces the challenge of the virus, it is such displays of Muhyiddin’s sacrifice and patriotism that sustain us and give us cause and strength to fight another day.

Don’t feel bad about Sabah and the calamity that befell the whole nation. We know that it was not your fault, it was caused by that silly ‘DAP schoolgirl’ going up treetops.

Again, songs will be composed about you, sir, poems will be written and for generations, grandmothers will speak of Muhyiddin, the true Malaysian hero if ever there was one.

No doubt, Bollywood will soon jump onto the bandwagon to produce a movie about you with a cast, as they say, of thousands. 

Over to you, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and SD Burman. Rotans not necessary.

YOURSAY | ‘Delays in containing Covid-19 due to incompetency’

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