YOURSAY | No state of emergency, but instability likely to continue


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YOURSAY | 'This royal refusal may not mean a loss of confidence in a strict sense, but…'

Agong has decided: No need for a state of emergency

Vijay47: Water below the bridge and all that, it is not necessary for us to consider that the call could have just as well gone the other way.

Suffice that we can now heave a collective sigh of relief and piously say that when wisdom is relied upon, the correct decision would be reached; a grave and an imminent threat has been avoided, the lark is on the wing, God is in His heaven, all is right with the world.

Nevertheless, many questions still remain, the most pressing ones being “What is to become of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin? Would he come out unscathed from his mischief?”

Nobody would buy his sorry story that his attempt was at healing the nation, which on hindsight was revealed to be ill-advised, as proven by His Majesty’s decision. That could have been the case had Muhyiddin, when applying for the declaration of emergency, been buttressed by a strong presence in Parliament, with perhaps 120 or more members supporting him.

But when you seek royal approval when your survival is dangling by the slimmest of margins, coupled with the reality that while the Covid-19 infection is serious, we are reasonably distant from critical proportions, the reason for your application was self-preservation.

So, what can we do with this prime minister? Apparently, nothing. The rejection by the Agong cannot be said to be a loss of majority confidence, a fate that can only be suffered on the floor of the House.

All the same, when you go hat in hand asking for something as urgent as an emergency, a royal refusal would be so devastating as to compel any prime minister to resign. Yet the betting man will wager that Muhyiddin is not such a prime minister.

The small print of the king’s advice says no one should threaten the stability of the government, again something that evokes several questions. What does this make of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s claim that he commands majority support in Parliament? Has it become null and void?

Another matter of concern is Budget 2021 to be tabled next month. We wonder what the consequences would be if the budget bill is defeated.

FairMalaysian: Unfortunately, Muhyiddin is surrounded by retards who will drag him to the bottomless pit. If he is a sensible and even an intelligent PM, he could have turned this whole thing into something positive, and very possibly he could have been lauded by most people across the divide.

All he had to do was to call Anwar personally and discuss with him the need to bring the country out of the abyss. Anwar is a very fair-minded person and he is a lot matured than these scheming friends of Muhyiddin are. By this, he could have cut short any moves to take over the government.

What to do, Muhyiddin neither has a "brain" to think out of the box nor has good people around him. The fact that news has been making the rounds that it was some of the imports, the naysayers who may have influenced Muhyiddin to resort to an emergency. What were they thinking really?

The sad outcome of this unwarranted attempt sure would have eroded the goodwill people had shown to Muhyiddin.

While I thought I should have written this before, to be frank, Muhyiddin was in no mood to listen to good advice and was with his ego up his sleeves and surrounded by good-for-nothing people who didn't bother about the people of this country. These selfish politicians may be exposed one day.

For now, Tuanku has shown a way out of this dilemma. Muhyiddin should cast aside his pride and ego, and if he really cares for the people, call Anwar and talk to him. Believe me, Anwar has a big heart and both the teams should sit down to work for the people, at least for now.

This may mean Muhyiddin may have to cast away some of his discards and that may be necessary to remove naysayers from working for the people.

Sun: A huge “thank you” to His Majesty. By his actions, he has shown that he cares for the country and the people. Now, he should advise Muhyiddin to have an inclusive, all-party cabinet, at least until this Covid-19 battle is won.

Once again, it is wonderful to know we have a monarch who is not a mere ‘rubber stamp’. And shame on the PM for assuming our king would be one.

GreenHamster8043: Yes, thank you, Tuanku. The rakyat are relieved. For those who started this emergency rule nonsense, may they be cursed for their greed for power and thoughtlessness.

MS: So, what do we do with the MPs who "politicked" and then subverted the elected government in February, and two days ago, threatened the nation with an engineered emergency?

YellowEagle3055: Come the next election, we must never forget the PM and his party who threatened us with a nationwide emergency just to cling on to power, destroy our democracy and causing us great anxiety.

No PM in the history of Malaysia has ever done that before. We were saved by our wise Agong. As DAP leader Lim Guan Eng has said, Tuanku was our last hope and he came through. Daulat Tuanku!

Anonymous_47029368: "...Sultan Abdullah was also of the opinion that there was no need for MPs to continue with their irresponsible action that could threaten the stability of the current government.

"His Majesty stressed that Budget 2021 which will be tabled in Parliament is of utmost importance to the people in combating Covid-19 and reviving the economy..."

So, everyone should withdraw all the no-confidence motions and pass Budget 2021.

Malaysia Bharu: @Anonymous_47029368, you mean the king is directing Parliament's function? Don't put words into the king's mouth.

The slap on the face while stressing the importance of Budget 2021 may be the king's way of telling Muhyiddin there are many ways of skinning the cat, other than resorting toa state of emergency.

One thing is clear though. If he can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. It is not the king's role to save the prime minister.

PinkKijang3425: This problem will never stop. The Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition is weak as its partners are unhappy. Umno can still quit and not join Anwar, and the government will still fall.

I don't think Umno likes be treated like a second-class citizen in PN and also sees its strength being chip away by Bersatu.

Both Bersatu and Umno are fighting for the same group of voters. Umno would be stupid to let Bersatu grow in strength in the next three years.

Umno leader Nazri Abdul Aziz is stupid if he doesn't see that in the Bersatu strategy. Harapan is only there to take advantage of the unhappy partners. The best solution for Umno is to have an election before Bersatu swallows up Umno.

YOURSAY | A slap in the face for Muhyiddin, but will he step down?

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