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Covid-19 (Nov 1): 957 new cases versus 972 recoveries
Published:  Nov 1, 2020 10:01 AM
Updated: 10:48 AM

COVID-19 | The Health Ministry today reported 957 new Covid-19 cases, breaching the 900-mark once again after almost a week.

However, recoveries were also high, with 972 Covid-19 patients discharged. This means there is still an overall reduction in active cases.

The cumulative Covid-19 cases now stand at 32,505, while the cumulative recoveries are now at 22,220 cases.

Leading indicators in brief:

  • Active cases = 10,051 ↓ (15 fewer than previous day)
  • Patients in intensive care = 97 ↑ (14 more than previous day)
  • Intubated patients = 27 ↑ (8 more than previous day)
  • Deaths = 0 (unchanged, death toll remains at 249)

The bulk of the cases or 67.3 percent were in Sabah and another 24 percent of cases were in the Klang Valley. 

A significant contribution to the Klang Valley cases was from the enhanced movement control order (MCO) at Plaza Hentian, Kajang which contributed 91 new cases.

A breakdown of new cases by states is as follows (excluding imported cases):

Sabah (644)
- Existing clusters: 97
- Close contact screening: 401
- Other screenings: 146

Selangor (225)
- Existing clusters: 156
- New cluster: 16 (Usaha cluster)
- Close contact screening: 39
- Other screenings: 14

Penang (23)
- Existing clusters: 16
- New cluster: one (Tembaga cluster)
- Close contact screening: six

Labuan (18)
- Existing clusters: 13
- Close contact screening: five

Terengganu (15)
- Existing clusters: 15

Sarawak (11)
- Existing cluster: five
- Close contact screening: three
- Other screenings: three

Negeri Sembilan (8)
- Existing clusters: two
- Close contact screening: four
- Other screenings: two

Perak (5)
- Existing clusters: five

Kuala Lumpur (4)
- Existing clusters: one
- Close contact screening: three

Kedah (1)
- Existing cluster: one

Malacca (1)
- Other screenings: one

Johor (1)
- Other screenings: one

Putrajaya (1)
- Close contact screening: one

A total of two new clusters were reported today. They are the Usaha cluster involving the districts of Petaling and Klang in Selangor and the Tembaga cluster involving the districts of Timur Laut and Barat Daya in Penang.

The Usaha cluster started from patient 30,697 who was discovered through screening of symptomatic patients on Oct 30.

A screening of the patient's close contacts found another 16 cases. Three more are still awaiting results. All have been admitted to the Sungai Buloh hospital.

Meanwhile, the Tembaga cluster was traced to Patient 29,359 through a screening of Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI) patients on Oct 28.

Subsequent screening of the patient's close contacts found another six cases. A total of 49 people are still waiting for their results.


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