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YOURSAY | Pay hike for K'tan reps while others tighten their belts

YOURSAY | 'It struggles to pay civil servants salaries, yet want to increase allowances for state reps?'

Help the people, not assemblypersons - student group tells K'tan govt

Jetson: The Kelantanese have been voting in the same leaders at every election. Their attitude shows very clearly that they are not interested in the development of the state. If they really cared, they would have raised many issues with their state representatives.

The position of the state's finances, which has been in deplorable conditions and on many occasions relying on the federal administration for help, shows very clearly the lack of acumen in developing the state.

The Kelantanese have accepted such living conditions all this while, without even uttering any regret.

Now, the leaders have taken a drastic step of not only awarding themselves luxurious cars but a pay increase, while the people in the state face serious financial setbacks from the Covid-19 nightmare.

At the same time, it lacks business advantage as there are hardly any attempts by the leaders to draw investors there.

You won't be surprised if the Kelantanese public will still accept these same leaders to lead them, again and again.

Freethinker: Pay discrepancy depends on locality, cost of living, performance and expectations. A manager in Kelantan does not mean he can get the same pay for a manager working in the Klang Valley.

Do you struggle to pay civil servants salaries, yet want to increase allowances for underperforming assemblypersons? What have they been doing to develop Kelantan to deserve a pay increase?

In the current environment, bonuses are frozen, increment non-existent and people are losing jobs. But these people have the guts to ask for a pay raise?

Two Come Out: This is akin to cabinet ministers requesting their salaries to be the same with Korean or German ministers, whose GDPs and economies are many times bigger than us.

Is this why Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Khairuddin Aman Razali went to Turkey for a ‘study trip’?

While it is right to make sure allowances are the same with exco members of other states, this alone cannot be the yardstick. Selangor’s GDP and economic activities are higher, so its exco salary cannot be compared to underdeveloped Kelantan. Plus, Selangor’s exco members did not waste money on brand new Mercedes.

Maybe in Kelantan, exco members can be paid the additional amount in rice and fish, as well as dates that our “ambassador to the Middle East” would have brought back.

Mano: It’s shocking that during such difficult times as now, they even think of hiking their salaries.

I would have thought that, as religious as they claim to be, they would have agreed to a pay cut of at least 20 percent.

The Kelantanese from the Klang Valley, who went back in droves to put these “religious” people in power, are working multiple jobs here - if they do find those jobs, that is - to help their families back in Kelantan.

Meanwhile, the Kelantanese back home can tap their shoulders in pride that they have the most caring of state administrators. The Kelantanese deserve the government they elected, just as the rest of us have to contend with ours.

Malaysia Is Surrealist Art: That's right, Kelantan government. Always put on your own seatbelt before you buckle others up. Except, this is no time to be soaring above cloud nine on a fat paycheck.

If Kelantan wants their state assemblypersons to equal those of other states (that are doing much better financially) in terms of pay, it would have to improve its income generation first.

It's sad that the revered ones cannot make this connection, or should I say, refuse to.

Kudos to the young Kelantanese of the National Association of Muslim Students Malaysia (PKPIM) for trying to bring their well-fed leaders down from high heaven.

Harimau Arif: There’s a glimmer of hope in the younger generation as they are educated and can think on their own. The young ones don’t just follow the PAS religious figures like their parents.

Unfortunately, they are now having to pay for the self-serving PAS politicians. Kelantan is one of the nation’s poorest and underdeveloped states. Now, the same politicians are rewarding themselves with luxury cars and allowance increase.

The election is just around the corner, hence there will be an opportunity to right the wrong.

Power Ranger: To the student group, this is the useless government supported by your parents and the people of Kelantan. Go back and tell them how selfish and ignorant the representatives they have voted for are. Come to the next general election, all you youngsters should vote them out.

All the current Kelantan representatives only know how to change luxury cars, increase their salaries and allowances. During this pandemic, they have never once thought about the people suffering, yet they have ensured their pocket is always full.

Cyclonus: From luxury cars to enriching their own coffers, especially in this unprecedented time when people are reeling from the effects of disease and economic despair, these "leaders" have gone beyond insensitive and clueless thinking by enriching themselves.

May Kelantanese open their eyes and see these irresponsible leaders.

Doc: The Kelantan government will take care of the assemblypersons and exco members. As for looking after the welfare of rakyat Kelantan; well, that job has been outsourced to the "Almighty" by the PAS administration.

In short, who is to blame here? Do we blame the Kelantanese people for repeatedly voting for an incompetent state government or do we blame the state government for deceiving the rakyat and only look after their interest?

I guess this problem is best left to the Kelantanese people to sort out.

GrayPuffin9604: I thought these religious people don't need much money here on earth.

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