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COMMENT | The 1st and 2nd Class Pendatangs

COMMENT | Malaysia is comprised of four sorts of people.

The Orang Asli and natives of East Malaysia are the original bumiputeras.

There are Malays and also Second Class Pendatangs (SCPs) aka non-Malays.

The First Class Pendatangs (FCPs) are the wannabe Malays from Indonesia or India. They acquired rights and privileges which are not accorded any other group in Malaysia, and these politicians appear to be immune from prosecution.

The FCPs are further subdivided. The arrogant, elite FCPs are those who were born with a silver tongkat (crutches). Every five years, the elite FCPs remind the Malays that they are still poor because the SCPs have taken their jobs, their land, and will soon rob them of their way of life, their religion and will destroy their race.

With breath-taking stupidity, the Malays believe the race-baiting of the elite FCPs...

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