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YOURSAY | Ledger-gate – who’s to bell the cat if not MACC?

YOURSAY | ‘For MACC, it’s not a case of clueless, but selective cluelessness.’

'Baffling how MACC was clueless over graft unveiled in UKSB trial'

Lawyer: Why MACC probing names only after submitting as evidence?

MS: "There needs to be a large-scale shake-up in MACC so confidence can be restored and Malaysia's position in Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index can be improved," said Bagan MP Lim Guan Eng.

And after the shake-up, guess who will be appointed - more of the same tainted ‘ketuanan’ breed which owes its loyalty to crooked political masters and is protected by a board of ‘advisors’ serving as proxies to self-serving politicians and their agendas.

No shake-up will work unless there is a fundamental shift away from the toxic and divisive ‘ketuanan’ ideology.

Then we may see appointments made solely on merit and appointees who are strictly apolitical, professional and directly answerable to a parliamentary committee of carefully selected parliamentarians.

Then maybe we could see an organisation which is truly multiracial with built-in checks and balances and one whose performance is measured by objective criteria.

But again, such an organisation cannot exist as an island in an ocean of incompetence and corruption, which is the regime and its bloated, bigoted civil service led by dubious characters who, for example, collect RM30,000 a month for doing nothing.

Any such shake-up has to be across the board, across all agencies. But since that is not at all possible - not now, not ever - the country will continue to sink under the rising tide of crookedness, sloth and imbecility.

BobbyO: Everybody knows to whom MACC is loyal. Please stop acting innocent, lawyer Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

They pick and choose who to investigate and which file won't move an inch. Yes, a complete clean-up needs to be done. At the same time, MACC must be put under the preview of Parliament.

Otherwise, all of us can keep on barking or shouting as loudly as they want, but nothing concrete will be achieved.

CatsDogsRats: For MACC, it is not a case of clueless, but selective cluelessness.

Kwong: Mohamad Shukri Abdull was made MACC head in May 2018 by the Pakatan Harapan government. Tommy Thomas was appointed attorney-general in June 2018 by the Harapan government.

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was charged in October 2018.

So, Lim Guan Eng, you should ask Shukri Abdull and Thomas why they didn't investigate and charge then home minister Muhyiddin Yassin and the rest at that time.

And ask former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad if Shukri Abdul and Thomas told him that his then-home minister was allegedly taking money.

OCT: It is well known that MACC does selective investigation and prosecution. MACC will never investigate any sitting minister and its head when there are wrongdoings. It is to protect the government from a crisis that could cause it to collapse.

If MACC does its job well without fear and favour, there won't be cases like 1MDB, littoral ships, and Cowgate, to mention a few.

MACC will only go after the whistleblowers, the opposition and those not friendly to the government. The agency is a tool of the prime minister as it must have clearance from the prime minister before any big fish is to be investigated. History has shown this is true.

Way To Go: I think too much credit is being given to MACC when questions are raised about its conduct and integrity. The share-trading case of its top dog is a case in point.

In fact, if not for the change of government in 2018, Najib's RM2.6 billion would have remained a Saudi donation and Yayasan Akalbudi would have remained a CSR (corporate social responsibility) vehicle and its hundreds of millions would have remained the personal funds of the politician in charge.

Plebeian: Equally baffling is how the usually media-friendly Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has stayed silent on the matter.

I haven't seen any headlines with the words ‘Khairy’ and ‘graft’. Perhaps there should be. If only to underscore the point that it's not just a few apples, but the whole rotten barrel.

IndigoCat9464: Malaysians know that for decades many in the ruling government are corrupted or have taken the rakyat’s money through loopholes and inflated contracts.

They know many who are supposed to safeguard the rakyat’s money are also in the same boat - I take care of your back and you take care of mine. That's how Malaysia has been working.

The question is who's going to shake up these corrupted politicians, political parties and the MACC?

Kamrul: Integrity? In Malaysia's enforcement agencies? Are you joking?

Has any government agency looked into the assets of all Umno's top politicians and their immediate families? Have anyone checked on all the assets of heads of government agencies and GLCs (government-linked companies)?

Malaysia is heading down the monsoon drain.

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