YOURSAY | Gobsmacked by Najib’s denial of Umno’s Project M

YOURSAY | ‘Sabah is the third-most populous state with highest proportion of non-citizens.’

Najib: I put PBS head in charge of migrant management

PBS chief: A 'BN party' turned to 'migrants' for support

Kim Quek: Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, the basis of your denial is completely out of order.

The creation of tens of thousands of “phantom voters” that enabled Umno to take over the reign of Sabah occurred in the 90s when Muslim-dominated state constituencies ballooned from 30 percent to 50 percent from 1994 to 1999.

The evil scheme that dished out ICs (identity cards) and voting rights to the undocumented migrants from the Philippines and Indonesia were carried out clandestinely and illegally under the infamous ‘Project M’ (M stands for Mahathir) when he was the PM of the Umno-dominated government.

Details of this despicable operation were documented in Justice Muhammad Kamil Awang’s judgment in June 2001, annulling the election in the Likas constituency, as well as exposed in the RCI (royal commission of inquiry) held in 2012.

The explosive influx of illegal immigrants to Sabah, thus robbing the original Sabahans of their sovereignty, is one of the greatest tragedies of modern times.

Such tragedy is illustrated in its population explosion from 0.65 million in 1970 to 3.4 million in 2007 (a four-fold increase).

As a result of this evil plot by Umno under then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the party had come to dominate the state for almost three decades until its reign was interrupted by Pakatan Harapan in 2018.

And the only way to save Sabahans from this plague is to rid Umno of federal rule by restoring the stolen mandate to Harapan through the coming GE15.

Falcon: Najib, what is there to deny when in the latest census, Sabah is the third-most populous state in the country and has the highest proportion of non-citizens - 23.7 percent!

And what about the "city of illegals" - the squatters in stilt houses over the water, where even the brave fear to go in?

What shame! What madness!

Bingo Bongo: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president Maximus Ongkili, from 1985, your party has been sleeping with BN and yet you did nothing. All of a sudden you put the blame on BN because you now have new partners.

What hypocrisy. It's difficult to respect you and your PBS.

BusinessFirst: Najib, if not Umno, then who issued ICs for votes? DAP again, I suppose.

Yes, it was Lim Guan Eng as finance minister who did it during the 22 months of Harapan rule. Before that time, no one million ICs were issued and there were no undocumented migrants.

MS: Trust the ‘ketuanans’ to "secure" the borders... and quietly keep the gates open for a fee. Now after all these years of "cash is king", it is ‘Malusia, Truly Asia’.

Victims of mass exodus, thousands of migrants stranded at exit points

Open Minded 2281: The thousands of migrant workers stranded at KLIA is due to the failure of the Immigration Department.

The Immigration Department has also failed Malaysians who are applying for or renewing their passports. Going further afield, see how thousands of Malaysians are waiting for their passport renewal in Australia.

If all the above does not warrant taking disciplinary action against the director-general, then there is no hope for the civil service in Malaysia.

Hmmmmmmmm: Why do we still need to fine them? Those who want to go home, just send them home, especially when we can't even cope with the exodus. Just close all the payment counters.

Visible: Indeed, now that all legal and undocumented migrants want to go back on their own, why block them?

The government should be happy because these migrants are using their own money to go back home instead of doing so after being caught and detained, where we have to provide them food.

In such cases, we also need to arrange for them to be sent back to their country by air. Isn't it a waste of public funds then?

Headhunter: You have thousands who are leaving and you can only process 100 payments a day? And how many people do you have working at the counters?

Someone ought to be sacked.

BlueShark1548: Typical of Bolehland, gave these foreigners time to go back but failed to anticipate that many may leave at the last minute.

This is a case of poor organisation and no initiative leading to a greater mess and making those leaving suffer the consequences of their incompetence.

PurpleGopher1703: I feel sad for our fellow human beings. These are mostly financially poor people who struggle to make an honest living to feed their families and have a break in life.

This is what most of our forefathers looked like and through their hard work, we are living a comfortable life.

I am really sorry to see that in this day and age, people are still divided into rich and poor. Remember one thing, most of the houses we live in, the food we eat and our dirty maintenance work were done with their sweat and blood.

I hope the day will come when they will be treated fairly. Compare that to the sense of entitlement and lethargic work attitude on this side of the fence.

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