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YOURSAY | Verdict a turning point for Malaysia

YOURSAY | ‘May the domino falls on all Najib's cronies and partners in crime.’

GUILTY: Najib begins 12-year jail term

Vijay 47: Malaysiakini’s live headline says “Federal Court upholds Najib's conviction, sentence”. Strangely, having followed the whole process closely, I do not find reason for wild celebration, yet much that evokes sorrow.

Nevertheless, to repeat the most popular line of recent days, Najib Abdul Razak, “you did the crime, you do the time”.

For four long and often dreary years, all we were treated to was 1MDB, SRC, Najib Razak, his trial, and the antics of his legal team. We often wondered whether the conclusion we hoped for would ever come to pass, after all, a former prime minister had never before been charged with corruption.

The first blinding ray of assurance was the damning verdict by judge Nazlan Mohd Ghazali. He left no doubt as to his outrage at the misconduct and misappropriation that one man could wreak to the extent that the accused was a “national embarrassment”. And in turn, the Court of Appeal to a man agreed with the High Court judge.

In a way, the proceedings at the Federal Court were a let-down. Where we expected a clash of sharp legal minds, we witnessed the defence team meander within the three-ring circus it created while the prosecution patiently bided its time. And that time finally came yesterday.

I will readily accept the excesses that Najib indulged in, after all, it was 12 years of his freedom that was at stake. Even the makciks weeping and wailing were not unexpected. But his defence team?

Unless it was acting wholly on the convict’s explicit instructions, it could be alleged that they were negligent in properly attending to their client’s best interests.

At the tail-end, legalities were dispensed with and instead we saw dancing bears and tightrope walkers, and frequent displays by clowns.

Lawyer Zaid Ibrahim’s contribution to the Najib cause was monumental in its failure, he was the monkey that used the cat’s paw that was a bewildered Hisyam Teh Poh Teik. You should have stayed home, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah - by venturing into the pits at the last lap, you only sullied further your reputation.

And to think that today’s outcome was achieved by one resolute woman!

Man on the Silver Mountain: The trial case has ended and Najib is found guilty. He had tried everything to defend himself, including divine intervention.

The crime, however, was committed and that could not be denied. He did not deny it, he admitted it. He only claimed that he did not know that he committed the crime. His defence was so incredibly unbelievable that it insulted our intelligence.

That in a way caused some fear - if people could be this unbelievably incredibly twisted in their reasoning as the defence of Najib was, perhaps maybe the judges would go along. The trial judge did not and the rest of the appeal judges kept their focus on point of law, not to be distracted by Najib’s antic to scuttle the court process.

Today a criminal, who once held the highest office in the country, was found guilty of abuse of power, breach of trust and money laundering. He is sent to jail for 12 years and has to pay restitution to the amount of RM210 million.

Finally, justice has been meted out. And rightly so. In the midst of the gloom that the nation has been experiencing, today is a great day to lift up our spirit. There are indeed still good men and women in the country to see that justice prevails.

This year’s National Day would be one where the flying of the national flag, the Jalur Gemilang, would make us proud once again.

Dr Raman Letchumanan: This is a turning point for Malaysia. I hope the domino falls on all his cronies and partners in crime.

Malaysia will never be the same without Najib. The country was never safe with him - a person with such calibre and charisma who sold himself to the devil.

Pakatan Harapan has lost its sparring partner in Najib, and likewise a worthy opponent. Hopefully, they will focus on issues and policies for the people. There is none so far, except attacks on BN and Perikatan Nasional (PN).

There is Umno DNA in Harapan, especially in the PM-in-waiting, Anwar Ibrahim. Has he ever countered race and religious issues, especially the latest tirade by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang?

Justice has yet to be served on the old fox. As cunning as he is, he is now cosying up to Harapan. Anwar and DAP will jump instantly.

The only hero in this episode is the Federal Court, especially the three brave women. Against all odds, threats and ridicule, they delivered this judgment boldly and swiftly.

No man in the realm of politics can hold a candle to them. They are all opportunists.

The first thing whoever rules next is to change the Constitution so that the executive, in particular the PM, do not hold the ultimate power to determine appointments to the judiciary. Likewise, the attorney-general and other important institutions.

The judiciary can never be independent with the PM holding the power to appoint and dismiss, albeit with the concurrence of the Agong. Will BN or Harapan immediately make this and such commitments?

Otherwise, our male political leaders should wear skirts and work as maids. Let the women rule this country. It has been abused so much by the men, it needs deep healing, a woman's embrace.

Guglu: Let us celebrate the wisdom of Malaysians and in particular, our judges. Take a deep breath, and be happy that the shameful burden that we collectively carried all these years has finally been removed from us.

This is not the time to celebrate yet another human biting the dust. We all are not perfect.

Don’t repeat the vengeful celebration of the Harapan victory, the smugness and arrogance of the victors made them forget about being humble and magnanimous. Just thank God and say in our prayers, that at last, we can be proud to be Malaysian again.

AnotherKomentar: The horse has truly bolted for Najib. He's now a chess piece and no longer the master puppeteer he was until yesterday’s fateful afternoon.

It will be interesting to see if the Malay heartland will translate his concocted injustice into a massive swing for Umno at the ballot box, which is what Umno is hoping for.

A royal pardon will come soon enough if Umno wins with a big majority at the next GE.

YellowMarlin8834: For the 22 months, Harapan ruled, and I am grateful that we managed to get Najib to face charges.

The Sheraton traitors took away the rakyat's mandate. Look at them, it is 100 times worse now compared to if they had carried out the rakyat's mandate. PN, PAS and BN are never the legitimate government.

Let's all gather our strength and belief that enough is enough. God is giving us a second chance. Come GE15, we will make miracle happen one more time. We want Harapan to be the government again. We want meritocracy in the system and no more race and religion.

MS: Malaysia's long nightmare is over... for now. Najib is finally in jail where he belongs but make no mistake there are many more like him - arrogant, corrupt and entirely self-serving - awaiting their turn at the swill for a chance of a lifetime to make millions while the country continues to sink.

And to think this is the quality of the country's leadership - corrupt, bigoted, arrogant, belligerent, devious, self-serving and willing to tear the country apart if it will further their nefarious needs.

Unlike that Little Red Dot which has always put a premium on a pipeline of brilliant, exceptionally capable leaders to ensure the continuation of its spectacular growth and development, this one is ruled entirely by its ‘ketuanan’ instincts, unfettered bigotry and contempt for meritocratic rules.

Najib is now in jail but there are others in line who are capable of doing exactly as he did or worse.

The ‘ketuanan Melayu’ pipeline of corrupt warlords, steeped in bigotry, poorly schooled and intellectually deficient is a long one. It has been built and reinforced for half a century at least, which makes it formidable and not at all easy to dismantle. From it will spill more Najib Razaks, to continue where he left off.

And so, the political demise of ApaMalu BossKu in no way means the birth of hope for better days. The country has not turned a corner. It will continue in the same direction until every one of the crooks waiting in line is thwarted until corruption and bigotry become as offensive as a religious slur.

Quigonbond: This is one bright spark in an otherwise dismal state of the Malaysian Federation.

Way To Go: May Malaysia be blessed to have good people that are willing to name and shame evil that live a life of lies and deceit.

Thanks to chief justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat and her panel of judges that stood like a rock fielding all that was thrown their way.

Anything less would be no match for Najib's final thrust that went for the jugular. They were phenomenal in taking on Najib that threw his own defence aside and instead went for the judges in a final effort to discredit them.

The biggest praise goes to all those instrumental in dethroning the 'emperor' in GE14, the Harapan government, then attorney-general Tommy Thomas and the Attorney-General’s Chambers that initiated the process, and PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who stayed above the fray for restoring the country's sullied dignity.

Most of all, this is a clear message to the corrupt. Corruption even at the highest levels will be dealt with without fear or favour.

One Day at a Time: Despite the endless attack, thank God our judicial fort is still intact.

Naked I come and empty handed I go. On the way others profit from my harvest, whilst I ponder within the four walls.

Will this be a lesson for those politicians who instead of serving the country, served their party?

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