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YOURSAY | ‘It's time to retake the country from the thieves’

YOURSAY | ‘The govt we vote for is the govt we get.’

PM: Agong consents to dissolution of Parliament

OCT: The die has been cast. There is no need for Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaacob to explain. He has made the decision and Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah has consented.

The next logical and decisive thing is to show BN/Umno that since they don't value the rakyat’s welfare and safety, the vote will go to the opposition.

When politicians think about power, enrichment and freedom from prosecution and have no vision for the future of our children and grandchildren and good governance, we, the rakyat, must destroy their evil agenda.

We must vote. Come rain or shine, let's vote BN/Umno out as they are too arrogant, selfish and corrupted. The government we vote for is the government we get.

Falcon: As I write this, there are reports of the swelling of several rivers. Whether the decision here is right, wrong or simply served cold with insensitivity, we will find out soon.

If the decision goes south, or a miscalculation, one politician will be sacrificed, not those in the shadows.

This is the mother of all elections. The choice is ours! It's time to retake the country from thieves. May the Almighty guide us!

Proarte: It was disappointing to see Agong consenting to the dissolution, but maybe, constitutionally, he had no choice.

Ismail Sabri's government has not fallen following a vote of no confidence and he is the current ‘legitimate’ prime minister. Therefore, the Agong had to act on prime ministerial advice based on the Constitution.

There are other opinions on this matter, but I think His Majesty wanted to avoid a constitutional crisis if he did not consent to a dissolution.

I think the Agong did reveal his displeasure at the prospect of elections by showing concern about the monsoon season and exhorting the rakyat to be well-prepared for the floods and to protect themselves. His visits to the Meteorological Department and the Environment and Water Ministry speak volumes.

Pakatan Harapan should have the attitude of "bring it on" and focus on winning.

There must be no repetition of the ugly squabbles over seats as this will reveal the selfish nature of potential candidates and parties and the electorate will say Harapan is no different from Umno and their coalition partners. Harapan leader Anwar Ibrahim has to show real leadership here.

Muda, as a new untested party, must not show that it is too big for its boots and that goes for Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) as well. If they want to join Harapan, then they should prove their worth and sincerity by acting as election agents and canvassers without expecting to be ''given" seats to contest.

If Muda or PSM have shown a real presence in any rural or mixed constituencies, then they should be allowed to contest - this is fair. However, they cannot expect to be ''given'' seats like Muar where Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is MP, because it is a ''low hanging fruit'' which PKR can easily win if DAP decides not to contest in it.

Muda president Syed Saddiq must show his true worth in a ''difficult" constituency which is majority Malay. Otherwise, he would be proven to be a ‘tin kosong'’ (empty vessel) politician who has been given a free ride to date.

Muda must show it has traction with the young in the rural areas where the real fight is. We want to see Muda being a real force for change and the battle is in the rural areas. Let Muda go through its baptism of fire there.

If there is going to be open squabbling like spoilt children, then Muda should be politely shown the door and asked to fight for the cause of democracy and good governance outside the Harapan coalition, but hopefully, be "friendly" when it comes to forming a Harapan coalition government if that comes to pass.

"Bring it on" should be the Harapan mantra from now. Harapan should not be seen to be a crybaby. The electorate wants to see Harapan displaying confidence and a real fighting spirit, not losers who complain about having the election during the monsoon season.

The rakyat know Ismail Sabri is weak and has had his hand forced by Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who does not care a damn about the welfare of the nation or its people. I believe Umno, BN, Bersatu and PAS will be punished at the polls as a result. Bring it on!

Dr Raman Letchumanan: Well, Ismail Sabri. You asked for it. You jumped into the quicksand with your eyes open - thinking only of your self-interest, not that of the rakyat.

For those who betray, karma will visit. Just pray and hope you will come back as prime minister. Otherwise, you will be on record as the shortest term of PM, only 14 months as of today, and that too, as an accidental prime minister.

I have warned you. But you have succumbed to the kleptocrats. Good luck to you.

Man on the Silver Mountain: I said this before and say it again. Bera MP Ismail Sabri is a man at the right place and at the right time. His premiership, therefore, must be seen from that perspective.

He was never prime minister material, not within his party. The most he did was to make some ripples with turtle eggs and the Low Yat II thing. Selfishly, he could make the most of it and enjoy it while his administration lasted, meaning he could drag it on until the term expires.

It is, therefore, to his credit that he does not do what we wish for him to do by obediently dissolving the Parliament, obviously at the behest of his party president.

As for his destiny, we will see. Zahid could be very grateful and retain him or Ismail Sabri would get the chopping board.

Just a Malaysian: Our total debt is 1.4 trillion, including 1MDB debt and many off-balance-sheet debts. But boy do we spend, literally raining money on every voter base. To meet the budget the government has to borrow another RM100 billion.

This is not sustainable but the ferocity of the fight for power clouds all rational thoughts. We are all guilty to put our future generation into trouble. They will curse us, and rightly so.

Kilimanjaro: Many, particularly from the opposition, may dislike this announcement but I was secretly praying for Umno to make this mistake. Let them announce the election date and after that, I will share that secret.

Now is fieldwork time. The two areas I want to help are Ampang and Ayer Hitam. Depending on what happens in Gombak in the next few days, I may visit the constituency to work quietly - of course, for a Harapan win.

Commentable: Umno asked for it, so folks, let's give it to them hard this time. Let's make a repeat of 2018.

There's no stopping me, come rain or shine, I'll be there. Arrogance has got no cure. Let's all go out and do our thing, and together we teach them a lesson once and for all.

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