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YOURSAY| Muhyiddin rude to reject Agong's unity gov't suggestion

YOURSAY | ‘He did not even say that he would think about it...’

Muhyiddin rejects Agong's suggestion of unity govt with Harapan

BlueShark1548: The Agong gave his suggestion in good faith and in the interests of the nation.

BN had declared that none of its 30 MPs supports Pakatan Harapan or Perikatan Nasional. BN chairperson and Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had stated clearly that any Umno MP who goes against Umno's directives would be sacked.

Without BN's support, only Harapan can achieve a simple majority if GPS (23 MPs) joins Harapan (82 MPs), along with Warisan (3), PBM (1) and at least two independents (who have indicated their support for Harapan).

GPS should now think of the nation and join Harapan to resolve the constitutional crisis. Malaysia needs to pass its national budget for 2023 and there should no delay in the formation of a government.

Demi Rakyat: PN leader Muhyiddin Yassin has come to the point where he openly questioned the Agong's decision and imply that the Agong was wrong.

Further, he openly and rudely rejected Agong's proposal for a unity government. He did not even say that he would think about it or need to discuss it with the other leaders - this would be more polite than rejecting Agong's guidance and wisdom outright.

Muhyiddin has gone overboard. GPS and Umno, do you want to support such a person?

Magnanimous46: The way Pakatan Harapan leader Anwar Ibrahim handled his press conference after meeting the king showed great respect for what had transpired.

He did not divulge much other than the advice given by the king on vital matters that needed to be addressed and the kind of governance he wanted for the people. He made it clear that the king had not decided on a PM candidate. That is the kind of reverence one must give the king.

All through, the negotiations were strictly between the Agong and the party leaders. Muhyiddin's outburst to the press is uncalled for. Since he had “disagreed” with the Agong's proposal, he must state his stance and reasons to the Agong. Not to the press.

On top of that, he is twisting Agong's good intentions and advice for a win-win solution to the political stalemate into a media political debate that has the effect of provoking an already tense situation for his selfish interest and 'loser takes all' demand.

Kilimanjaro: Muhyiddin and PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang are angry and upset.

GPS leader Abang Johari Openg initially jumped the gun. He didn't realise that there would be backlash from members of his coalition and from the Christians in Sarawak. He then stepped back and left the choice for the pick of PM to Tuanku. Now Hadi and Muhyiddin are nailing Abang Johari to the wall.

Then comes the Umno/BN reps. It appears some of them have signed SDs in favour of Muhyiddin. The BN supreme council decided to stay out of the race, essentially not taking sides. The BN secretary-general had then written to the palace informing Tuanku that none of their MPs would support either Muhyiddin or Anwar.

Tuanku wants efforts to heal the nation. There are adversaries on both sides. The virulent TikTok messages with heavy racial and religious overtones had not helped the desire and effort of Muhyiddin to be the PM again. The light they lit has turned into a raging fire. Luckily, the police are taking it seriously as these may consume the nation.

In all these, Anwar had acted very calmly and gentlemanly. The country needs someone like him to put out the fire.

Proarte: It is becoming quite clear that ‘Ketuanan Melayu dan Islam’ has defined the politics of Malaysia and continues to do so.

This would explain why a Christian majority state like Sarawak with a Muslim leader (for the past 55 years) in a hung parliament scenario, has with alacrity offered Sarawak's support to bring to power PN which has extremist PAS as the dominant partner.

This is a party whose leader has openly said that non-Muslims must be "Pak Turut" to Muslims. His party's aim is to dispense with our Constitution and institute syariah as the supreme law of the land.

Non-Malays and non-Muslims are allowed to live in Malaysia and even prosper as long there is this tacit acceptance of Malay/Muslim supremacy. Any rejection of this will lead to threats of violence and instability as we saw on social media before and even after the elections.

It is my personal belief that our constitutional monarchy is under threat with PAS being given the reins of power and they must not have the opportunity. There is no role for the monarchy in an Islamic state where the Muslim clerics are the rulers.

Malaysia is a multiracial and multireligious country. The Agong must represent all its people, religions and regions. As such, favouring PAS to form the government just would not make sense and will lead to long-term problems for Malaysia.

Harapan has the support of the non-Malays, namely the Chinese community who are vital to the economy. They contribute to almost 90 percent of taxes in the country but they will be left out if the Agong favours a PN/BN/GPS configuration.

As it is, there has been an exodus of perhaps over one million Chinese who were among the best and the brightest to other nations, seeking a dignified life as equal citizens.

See what benefits this exodus has done to Singapore - from a relatively poor island state, it turned into one of the richest countries in the world whose currency is more than three times of ours.

Despite being a majority Chinese country, it has elected a Malay to be the speaker of its parliament, Indians and a tudung-clad Malay woman to be its president. When will Malaysia follow the Singapore model? Why let it be run by racist and religiously bigoted kleptocrats?

The Agong has a major role in determining our future and I sincerely hope His Majesty will see himself as an impartial and just arbiter who takes into consideration the rights of all the races and religions in Malaysia and will not assist in bringing to power a party namely PAS, which wants to deny the rights of others and dismantle our constitutional monarchy as its long-term aim.

MerdekaMerdekaMerdeka: “No matter what is the purpose, we will not agree to it. So, when I was asked to sign the offer letter, I signed ‘disagreed’,” Muhyiddin said during a press conference at his residence in Bukit Damansara.

There you have it, Malaysia. Straight from the horse's mouth. It’s never about the nation, compromise, and collaboration. It never is, for all these self-serving, greedy and egoists.

And these are the PM wannabes who are expected to take Malaysia out of its doldrums.

MS: Just imagine for a moment, the reaction of the ‘ketuanan’ supremacists if it was a non-Malay politician who had rebuffed the king in this manner without even taking the proposal into consideration as a matter of common courtesy.

Just imagine the outcry of ‘derhaka’, the lodging of police reports, and the demonstrations that would follow.

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