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YOURSAY | Anwar inherits a divided nation, it's time for healing

YOURSAY | 'Division along racial and religious lines must end.'

Anwar is Malaysia's 10th PM

Proarte: Congratulations to His Majesty for showing great leadership in our country's uncertain period, where there were forces out there prepared to see this beautiful country burnt to the ground if they did not get their way.

History will also record with pride that the people of Malaysia behaved with calm and dignity, knowing they had His Majesty on their side showing that constitutional monarchy can emerge during a nation's critical juncture to be a just and resolute arbiter.

The Agong did just that when he rejected Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairperson Muhyiddin Yassin’s 115 signatures because he had his feelers close to the ground. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the BN chairperson, had then issued an urgent letter to the Palace denying that BN had supported Muhyiddin to be PM.

Therefore, the BN signatures were invalid, making it impossible for him to be installed as the PM. Muhyiddin and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang did not do themselves any favours when they rejected outright the Agong's advice to work together with Pakatan Harapan in forming a "unity" government.

This was clearly arrogant and irresponsible of PN, given that they had less seats than Harapan and the nation was in an unstable scenario, but they were in no position to dictate terms. The fact that some of the signatures turned out to be invalid, revealed to the Agong that underhand measures may have been used in acquiring them.

This would have further convinced His Majesty that PN was not the ideal coalition to lead the nation. It is clear that the BN MPs were duty-bound to abide by their chairperson’s and Umno Supreme Council's decision on who to offer support to and they had to act as a collective entity.

The signing of the SDs by 10 rogue MPs from BN in support of Muhyiddin and PN was tantamount to hopping over to PN's side and because the anti-hopping law was now in place, they could be liable for disciplinary action and lose their seats and trigger by-elections.

It is possibly because of this threat that they came back running to Zahid with their tail between their legs, contrite and withdrew their SDs, thus giving Anwar the number that he needed to form the "unity'' government.

GPS and GRS have now followed suit and pledged support for Anwar and Harapan as it is in their interest to be part of the federal government.

So, it looks as though Anwar will get his "formidable majority" after all, comprising Harapan, Muda, BN, Warisan, GPS, GRS plus a few other stragglers MPs.

How nice that the "movie" that Anwar was watching with popcorn turned out to have a happy ending!

Vijay47: As the Malay saying goes, ‘Akhirnya sireh pulang ke gagang’ (one returning to the beginning), and as the Malayalam adage says, “They first made him eat fire”.

Today, the two merge to bring to a close a chequered 25 years filled with hope and despair, supporters and traitors, fleeting success, imprisonment and assault by those expected to protect.

Finally, Anwar Ibrahim, you have swum the ocean, survived the storm and fought the good fight. With your unfailing grit and determination, you have reached the peak and below you, an eager Malaysia waiting for you to lead.

That was the easy part.

In front of you lie many challenges and pitfalls, the biggest, immediate one being the healing of a nation on the verge of disintegration. If one man could have caused such a rift, then another man surely can bring about union.

Division along racial and religious lines must end, the best must be chosen to serve the rest. As we again move forward, let us never forget that we were once a heaven on earth that we can now reawaken.

The road ahead has its share of rocks and thorns, where self-acclaimed men of piety and their accomplices await with daggers and poison to achieve selfish ends. We have faced and overcome such threats before, we will do it again.

Yet the responsibility is not yours alone. Every citizen shares your vision, Anwar, together we can fulfil that dream, which almost every Malaysian kept within his breast.

MS: Congratulations Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. It does have a nice ring to it. As someone who wishes you well, let me offer you some advice.

As you head into the choppy waters of governance with strange bedfellows, whose hearts and minds may not be with you at all times, if at all, do a few things right from the outset.

Firstly, build inter-party cohesion as your priority No 1 by getting an agreement on a short list of team operating principles - specifying those which will bind the cabinet as a team and what is it neither you nor your cabinet will ever do to annoy and aggravate one another.

Next, remember at all times that your mission is to reform institutions damaged by abuse, misuse, neglect and that tasteless, odourless poison called ‘ketuanan’ (supremacy of race and religion). Do so systematically, one bit at a time, choosing each bit for the impact it will have on the country as a whole. And do communicate your actions by talking directly to the people as often as you can.

While doing both of the above, remind yourself every day that you are prime minister for all Malaysians, something very easy to forget when seduced by tribal instincts and partisan pulls.

Newday: Good news at last. Anwar is not my favourite MP by a long way mainly due to his adverse impact as education minister a long time ago.

What he does represent is a measure of light forward to the future. A government with Harapan, as a majority partner, is the only way we can move forward for a better future that encompasses all Malaysians.

Our family is thankful and relieved at this announcement. Crazy conversations about leaving the country if PN gets in are redundant (for now). Our immediate future is more certain and stable.

BN/Umno, you are important in making sure this works. You are in a mess. Your president must go, at your next annual general meeting. You have a power lifeline. Don’t squander it for personal gain. You lost sight of what it means to govern Malaysia.

PN, especially PAS. Sure, toss a tantrum at coming second. But please do it behind closed doors as Hadi is want to do. No street demonstrations, no upping the nasty rhetoric because you have done a Donald Trump and convinced your followers that you had won when the numbers say different.

Accept this result as God’s will and move on. Islam will not be dismantled; the commies are not taking over, and other religions just want to be left alone to get on with the light of life.

Clever Voter: Anwar showed extreme tenacity to get to where he is. He inherits a divided nation, a costly economic structure, and an old patronage system that is overdue for change.

There are too many elephants in the room that require a revisit. Anwar’s role brings challenges, his immediate task is to identify the right leadership. Lessons drawn from previous regimes tell us we must focus on a unified agenda and not just Harapan’s.

With the expected global slowdown, the country needs to navigate through it carefully. Indeed, strategically, meritocracy must be given priority. Whether Anwar can be bold and brave enough to make a difference is left to be seen.

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