Crooked bridge, scenic bridge, no bridge...

    Pray tell me who is in charge of the country? Here are several examples of clashing statements, about turns and plain blunders by our government.

    The prime minister is in favour of the setting up of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission as outlined in the Royal Police Commission on police efficiency. The inspector-general of police, however, says 'no'.

    Then there was the allowing mobile phones in schools issue. At first it was 'yes' then it's 'no', then it's 'yes' and now it's 'no'.

    Then somebody declares that all Singaporean and Thai cars will be charged a fee for entering Malaysia - this even before anyone thinks it through carefully. Then there is the obvious backpedaling and now somebody decides that they should think a bit more about it first.

    The minister in charge of parliamentary affairs then declares that the government is in favour of the setting up of an ombudsman body to look into complaints and queries from the rakyat. Then the deputy prime minister says 'not yet'.

    Down south, it's first a crooked bridge, then a scenic bridge, then a 'half bridge' (of all things) and now, it's no bridge. Its amazing how easily minds are changed and how little thought is put into anything at all.

    It makes us all wonder if there is anyone in Putrajaya at all...