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Can the rakyat trust the police chief?

“For the past nine years, people ask us what are we, as in what religion are we? And my answer would be 'I'm a Hindu', with confidence. After today, I can say with assurance that 'I am a Hindu'."

- Tevi Darsiny, eldest daughter of M Indira Gandhi.

COMMENT | We now know that the inspector-general of police (IGP) has been lying when he claimed before that the state security apparatus did not know the whereabouts of M Indira Gandhi’s kidnapped child.

We now know that the IGP and the state security apparatus have been colluding by their inaction to carry out a court order with a kidnapper. We now know that the state security apparatus and the IGP are complicit in a kidnapping by their willful disregard of a court order, their enabling of the kidnapper and by the arrogance that they are above the law.

If you think what I wrote was provocative, keep in mind that Suhakam concluded that the state security apparatus was complicit in the kidnapping of Pastor Raymond Koh, and what did the 'old maverick' say of this conclusion? That it was merely hearsay. In any functional democracy, the IGP would be under investigation.

In this country, the IGP can shrug off Indira's civil suit as “her right to do so”, secure in the knowledge that her rights – our rights – will not constrain his dereliction of duty or contempt of court.

Can anyone trust anything the IGP says now? When conniving political operatives tell us to trust in the investigation, can anyone take them seriously? You do understand what this means, right? Now when a Muslim convert or a Muslim kidnapper kidnaps a child – in the name of religion – what he or she has is precedent that the state security apparatus will do everything in their power to see to it that the crime results in a "happy ending"...

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