Differences in opinion no 'small matter', Anwar

JD Lovrenciear 


LETTER | PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has in the wake of the much publicised rift between him and his deputy Azmin Ali as well as that of his daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar's foreign media burst and Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's rebuttal as "small matter".

According to Anwar, "differences in opinion is a small matter". Was he referring to Azmin, Nurul or Mahathir?

In my humble opinion I beg to differ.

The chatter in the market place is gaining much intensity about these "differences in opinion".

There are openly registered concerns over the state and future of PKR, a key component in the Pakatan Harapan coalition.

The public are concerned. So, how can it be a "small" matter? By the very dismissal, public perceptions will be further fueled to speculate.

It will be more challenging for Anwar to now prune the opinions taking root in the public space namely the serious concerns over the political traction within Harapan and especially his future in politics.

Anwar must take charge as the prime minister in waiting. There cannot be a distinct split within PKR. There cannot be a public spat or war of words between the PKR leadership team either.

So to even state in a matter-of-fact tone that the differences in opinion within PKR's elite force is a small matter has deepened the suspicions being cast over Anwar and his team.

As it is, the recent "media wash" by his daughter and rising star Nurul has starting discolouring the fabric of PKR.

Likewise, the public knowledge that Anwar and Azmin are not seeing things on the same page is no secret.

In a climate where BN is threatening to form all kinds of unholy alliances and speculate clinching more by-elections, the "small matter opinions" may risk escalating into suspicions including the questions about PKR's gameplan.

Anwar has to take the bull by the horn and address the public concern more convincingly.

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