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Prove authenticity of sex video first

LETTER | I don’t understand, why the minister Zuraida Kamaruddin is asking for Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz’s sacking from PKR now? There are many inferences one can draw from this move.

Have the authorities determined the authenticity of the video? As far as I know, this case is still very much under investigation.

So why are we trying to punish the accuser when the case has not been proven? Have we tried to do the same thing to the victim?

Once the video is proven fake, I am sure there is sufficient legislation to bring the accused to justice. If the party sacks him now, I think it would have committed prejudice against him.

I believe Haziq is entitled to say what he wanted to say if he can prove it. If he can’t prove it, then he must face the consequences.

If the video is genuine, the accuser may still face prosecution since indulgence in same-sex liaisons is still illegal in this country. But what about the victim? He may face even more charges, including extramarital sex and perhaps leadership irresponsibility.

So why are various parties trying to create diversions since the video came to public attention?

First, they immediately said the video is fake. How do we know it is fake? On what basis? Second, they assumed it was a political conspiracy. But if the video is genuine and if someone exposed it, would this action, per se, be regarded as a conspiracy?

Third, they assumed this incident is an invasion of privacy. For this, I would really like to know: when is an invasion of privacy not an invasion but a public duty? When corrupt practices or the illicit sex of public figures are caught on secret tapes, is this an invasion of privacy?

Fourth, they assumed the one who first made the disclosure is the guilty party. Perhaps he was doing it for personal gain, but can we summarily dismiss the claim as false?

As a nation, we must try to resolve this case as quickly as possible by establishing the truth or falsity of this video.

I want our leaders to walk the moral high ground, notwithstanding their own fallibility. Leadership comes not just with privileges but also the responsibility.

Proving the authenticity of the video should be our nation’s topmost priority. Other accusations and counter-accusations are irrelevant and can wait. 

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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