LETTER | Time to stop the nonsense

TK Chua


LETTER | What else is new – another crane toppled this morning killing three people with another two seriously injured.

Have we not had enough of this nonsense – fatal accidents occurring at our construction sites?

Seriously it could happen to anyone of us as we drive past a construction site. Have we not seen a crane hanging precariously over us as we drive past? Have we not had the eerie feeling when our cars are stuck under the flyovers under construction?

Oh, I know there are safety and regulatory measures in place. But may I know who is enforcing them? 

Each time after a fatal accident, we will come up with one thousand and one reasons to explain why it happened. But seriously do we really know what we are talking about. Do we really care?

You know what; I too could give you reasons why fatal accidents will continue to happen without doing any study.

First, the owner and management of the project do not really care much about safety because the penalty is never heavy enough to warrant them to take adequate measures and precaution. It is always someone else’s life, not theirs.

Second, the regulatory authorities too, are not bothered. In fact, many are probably paid to look elsewhere. Have we ever blamed the regulatory authorities for negligence, ie not doing their supervisory and enforcement works stringently?

Third, as a nation, I think we need to know how past accidents of this nature were resolved? How much did those responsible need to pay for their indiscretion and negligence? What about government agencies responsible for worksite safety and proper working of cranes and other machinery? Have they ever been held accountable?

Fourth, have we ever checked those given the task to operate cranes and heavy machinery are properly trained and licensed? I know everything is nice and proper on paper. 

I suggest we do a random check on crane operators at the worksites in Kuala Lumpur today and see how many of them have gone through proper training and licencing processes.

What could another investigation into the accident help to enlighten us? We already knew the crane fell. 

Does it matter why and how it fell? I already knew a crane properly stabilised and handled based on specifications will not fall. 

So stop wasting time and stop the nonsensical investigation.   

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