The demonisation of Chinese in 1Malaysia

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YOURSAY 'The right-wing counter attack has already started. This is just the overture. Make no mistake, the game plan is to corral all the right-wing vote-bank.'

Ex-judge warns Chinese of backlash for 'betrayal'

Slumdog: PM Najib Razak, where are you? It is hard to believe that Mohd Noor Abdullah is a former Court of Appeal judge. This is the type of comments we come to expect from a typical mindset of an Umno Malay.

If this is not seditious, then I don't know what is. What a shameful and disgusting speech by someone who supposedly ought to know better than to fan racial discord. Even the title of the forum (‘GE13 post-mortem: Muslim leadership and survival') is racist.

Would the enlightened and more progressive Malays please speak up against such racist and seditious comments?

Chee Hoe Siew: Ever since 505 (May 5), Umno led by Najib has continued non-stop in its attempts to pin the blame on Chinese for their dismal victory.

It seems that everything is not right for Najib and I am sure he is extremely worried that he will fall from grace, just like his predecessor.

It is not the Chinese who created racial instability but Umno's own unstable state that led to such a situation. This is evidenced from historical fact that leaders divert attention from their internal power struggle by attacking minority races.

Pemerhati: It looks like Najib and Umno have become very desperate and worried that a lot of Malays, who were previously their vote bank, have abandoned them and started supporting the opposition.

To win them back, they have decided to use the race card to the hilt. Immediately after the elections, Najib fired the first racist salvo when he attributed BN's loss at the polls to the ‘Chinese tsunami'.

Umno's gutter press then followed up with racist statements, such as ‘What more do the Chinese want?'

Now, at this forum, which was most probably organised by Umno, some unprincipled lackeys like the former judge and the pro-chancellor have come up with even more racist statements to try and create a rift between the Malays and non-Malays, who were strongly united during the recent elections, resultibng in BN getting fewer popular votes than Pakatan Rakyat.

There are strong indications that BN now is an illegal and illegitimate government and so Umno is playing its ultimate race card to get back Malay support.

Old Timer: It is judges like these who lower the standard of our judiciary system and give it a bad name. I can only hope that he is not a typical product of our education system and he is was not a judge because his 'race'.

Is he calling the Malays/Indians, etc, who voted for Pakatan traitors? Do we believe that Umno is doing this for the love of the Chinese/Indians/Malays/Orang Asli/Sabahans/Sarawakians, etc, making promises and handing out cash from our taxes?

They are doing all this for power and control over the country's money. Please don't embarrass us with such shallow and thoughtless statements.

SteveOh: The real betrayal is in the former judge's ideas. It is a betrayal of his education, his roles in society, his obligation as a Muslim, his respect for the Chinese and ultimately his responsibility to the Constitution.

It is such thinking that keeps Malaysia backward and morally decrepit. Unbecoming words from a former judge.

Krish: I just shudder at the thought of how this racist bigot would have delivered his judgments during his tenure as a judge in the Court of Appeal and the lower courts.

How could he have delivered fair judgments if he has such narrow and selfish thinking? How can a person of his standing utter such seditious statements? He should be charged and stripped of his privileges. There is no justification whatsoever for his utterances.

David Dass: Surprising remarks from the ‘good' judge. Why is there a need to interpret the way people vote in ethnic terms? The freedom and secrecy of the vote is fundamental to a democratic system.

And it is for the BN to reflect deeply on why the vote went the way it did - and this despite all the advantages that the ruling party had.

Calling for policies to appropriate property that belongs to others and for further gerrymandering in urban areas is unconstitutional and plainly wrong.

The opposition PKR and PAS are also a Malay-dominated parties. All accept that any government must be led by a Malay PM and all policies of any government must ensure an equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities to all communities.

The experience of Malays in Penang and Selangor has been a good one. All parties must consider the long-term future of this country. Views like Mohd Noor's will drive people and investment away. And it will result in the death of our democratic system.

Rahman Krishnan: What about the Malays, Indians, East Malaysians and others who voted against Umno?

What about the thousands of young and old Malays who attended the rallies in Petaling Jaya , Penang and Ipoh for fair and clean elections and against corruption and cronyism? Do you consider them traitors?

ChangeNow!: Let's not be provoked by this crazy racist ex-judge. Let's keep our cool and continue to work together for a united Malaysia where every Malaysian is equal.

I am a native of Sarawak and an Orang Asal, but I do not consider myself more superior to others. I consider every of my fellow Malaysians my brothers and sisters, including Najib whose great grand parents were Bugis from Indonesia.

Indeed, I have many good and upright Malay friends who don't think like this racist old man.

Malaysianheart: These comments coming from a former judge does not say very much about him. I hope he realises that fanning racial hatred does not help anyone.

If Malaysia is to be anything that I hope, pray and dream for it to be, everyone must do some deep soul-searching and be genuine about wanting to solve issues, not throw oil into fire.

Hplooi: The right-wing counter attack has already started. This is just the overture. Make no mistake, the game plan is to corral all the right-wing vote-bank.

We can only hope that no one crosses the red line. But if someone does, please record every moment leading up to this to make sure that we will not be blamed again, just as in 1969.

Toonarmy: I treasure my Malay friends from PKR and PAS. I held, waved and wrapped the PAS flag around me.

Don't like it, Mohd Noor? Then do something about it but try harder, because we're no longer afraid and we will vote against your party again in GE14.

Mohd Daud Jaafar: I'm Malay, I apologise to all my Chinese friends for this very sickening seditious outburst by this do-not-know-how-to-describe sickening ex-judge.

Umno ultras run loose, reconciliation Najib-style

Will the ex-judge be charged for sedition?

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