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MH17 After waiting for three hours, agitated family members lashed out at the KL International Airport (KLIA) security personnel over the sluggish response from MAS.

"Why is MAS such a stupid airline? We have been waiting for three hours.

"Don't tell me after three hours you still can't give us the passenger manifest," shouted a man, who declined to be named.

According to him, his sister, brother-in-law and the couple’s two-year-old child were on the way to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam.

"Just give us the list so we can confirm and go back, we can't do anything even if we stay here," he added.

Another pair of siblings also confronted airport security personnel after waiting for information since 12.30am.

"You said 2am, then 3am, where is the passenger list? I am not blaming you, you are the security, but where is MAS?" said one of them.

"This is not the first time MAS is handling something like this, where are the MAS representatives?" added his sister.

The airport security officer merely asked them to remain calm and said that MAS officials are on their way.

Later, the siblings, who learnt about the crash via news reports on Facebook, expressed their frustration to the media but declined to provide personal details.

"Facebook is more efficient than MAS. That's funny. It (MAS) has become a laughing stock. Really a laughing stock," he said angrily.

"Even the US has come out with a statement, where is MAS?" added his sister.

'Pray for our daughter'

Meanwhile, a teary Noraini Mohd Noor said her sister, who has been living in Geneva, was  coming home for Hari Raya.

She said her 67-year-old sister had been living in Switzerland for the past 30 years and has not been back to Malaysia for five years.

Her sister was to be in Malaysia for six weeks during the Hari Raya season. Her nephew, who was also supposed to be on the flight, decided not to follow at the last minute.

Noraini was also upset with MAS for its slow response.

In Penang, the parents of Nur Shazana Mohd Salleh, 31, a stewardess onboard the ill-fated MH17, expressed shock over the incident.

Speaking to reporters, her father Mohd Salleh Shamsuddin, 54, said: "She is my daughter, pray that she is safe. She is single, hoping to get her married soon."

"She felt that this month is special for her," he added, fighting back tears.

Nur Shazana's mother was too distraught to speak to the media.

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