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Shoot the messenger, create diversion, buy time

YOURSAY ‘But in the long run it cannot save the PM. Nothing can save him. ’


AG vows to hunt down culprit behind leak


Imraz Ikhbal: Dearest AG (attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail), how exactly would the incarceration of the whistleblower in any way serve public's interest? Is the release of the scandalous information the cause of the nation’s economic woes?


Had the info not been released to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), would it have triggered this high-profile investigation the whole world is observing through a microscope?


Is going after the whistleblower more important than investigating the probable embezzlement of billions by none other than the PM himself?


By vowing to hunt down the culprit who "leaked" the info, isn't that tantamount to indirectly confirming the veracity of the scandalous information? Lest, what is there to leak? One can't be "leaking" lies, can he/she?


Even if the investigations find that our PM is innocent of the allegations, with this manner of conduct seen to the world, will there even be perceived credibility to the investigations?


Sin Lee Huang: The AG is practically confirming the leaked documents were from government investigators.


The silver lining here is at least the rank-and-file in government are not incompetent. They are just shackled by the upper management who choose to bow to their political masters.


Aries46: These spineless task force members are just protecting their boss. The alleged scam took place in 2013 and none of these men and women exposed these alleged crimes that had broken so many of the country's laws.


And then the so-called task force was set up in March ironically by PM Najib Razak himself to probe his 1MDB scandal in the bid to dampen former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the public outcry.


Since then the task force has been quiet as a church mouse doing Najib's bidding. Someone honest within that knew their shenanigans apparently decided enough is enough and tipped off WSJ.


Malaysians must be grateful to these patriots, failing which this whole RM2.6 billion caper would not have seen the light of day.


After more than four months of investigations, we are yet to hear an iota of evidence of wrongdoing.


 All that we heard are some rhetoric and threats against those that question 1MDB dealings and now a clamour to get at the whistleblower while we rakyat await anxiously to know who could have possibly swindled our hard-earned money.


I.AM.Malaysian: Why investigate the whistleblower? We all know that robbers and thieves always work in secret and in the shadows. Without the said whistleblower, we will never know what was done behind closed door and there will be no probe into the matter.


Np: They are threatening the whistleblower because they have difficulties justifying the case by just throwing out a few irrelevant accounts and claim that they are clean.


They are threatening the whistleblower so that the person will not release any more information that may damage their justification for closing the case.


Multi Racial: In the first place, shouldn't the AG, Bank Negara governor, MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) chief and the IGP (inspector-general of police) explain to Malaysians why an allegedly massive fraud like this can happened in this country undetected by our authorities.


Instead, the AG is more interested to find out who leaked the info to WSJ. Whoever he or she may be, Malaysians probably understand why the person used the foreign media because none of the local media will dare to print it.


Besides if the person reports to the local authorities, will they act? What about the safety of the individual? If we have laws to protect whistleblowers in this country, then he or she will not resort to using the foreign media to expose such alleged massive corruption.


Hang Babeuf: Shoot messenger, create diversion, buy time: can try all that in the short run. But in the longer run it cannot save the PM. Nothing can save him. His prime ministership is over, finished.


And until he recognises and accepts that basic fact, the nation is stalled. It is a heavy price for the nation to pay.


But the PM, so long as he persists in trying to "tough it out", is happy for it to be paid. By others. By everybody. That is the price of his obstinacy. And we are all supposed to pay for it, happily.


Negarawan: The AG is barking up the wrong tree again as usual, and does not seem interested in revealing the truth. Well, within Malaysia these people can act with impunity, but outside of Malaysia they are caught often with their pants down.


The Pedra Branca case in the International Court of Justice is an example where the AG attempted to use a fake photo from a website created just days before. No competency and integrity at all.


Speechless: So it is now confirmed that documents were leaked to WSJ, and these are the same documents our investigators have. WSJ wrote the article based on the documents received.

WSJ, like other newspapers, often publish news based on sources whom they do not disclose. If the article is based on facts, is there still a case for a defamation suit?


Clearwater: If we had a transparent government that would come clean on its shortcomings, there would be no reason for whistleblowers to exist.


These people risk a lot personally for no apparent gain possibly because they cannot accept the systemic abuse and corruption they see. Are they heroes or villains?


P Dev Anand Pillai: So time and again, it is a proven that the standard operating procedure here is to catch and shoot the messenger or the whistleblower.


This is because in Bolehland, the only person who is allowed to blow the whistle and not be hunted down is the football referee.                         


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