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Relax MCMC, we’re only sharing a joke on 1MDB

YOURSAY ‘No one dares remove the s**t, they only chase the 'flies' away.’


Jail awaits those who spread false 1MDB news


CQ Muar: Instead of helping the nation and its people to delve into the truth regarding the 1MDB mystery by probing those guilty, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is threatening arrest of those share news on the scandal.


Are we living in a communist country or what? You are behaving as though this country belongs to the Umno-led government. You are behaving just like tyrants, putting fear in the hearts of the rakyat.


Call this country free and democratic? My foot!


Justine Gow: What is the truth about 1MDB? This is the central question. With the hazy fog surrounding 1MDB, how is MCMC going to tell which news is false or true?


Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is saying one thing, while the Bugis warrior says another. One of them must be spreading false news.


How come neither of them is in jail? Why come after "small people" like us?


Wira: Many of us are just ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’ the expose by The Wall Street Journal on Facebook (FB).


If WSJ is lying, please take them to court but don't bully and threaten the citizens who have the right to information on where their tax money and the resources of this country are being spent.


MA: We, the citizens of Malaysia, want to know if the same applies to government officials who cheat and rob and tell lies through the social media.


Will the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) take action? Many times government ministers have lied through their teeth and blatantly misused the print and social media to their own advantage. Will they be investigated?


It has now come to our notice that millions of ringgit were poured into the government’s electoral machinery during the 13th general election, and also through the print and social media. What actions has the MACC taken?


Caripasal: Which news is false, and which is the truth? The public perception is that whatever coming from Putrajaya is almost always a lie. On the other hand, WSJ’s report is seen as nothing but the truth.


Anon1: It's okay, we are only sharing a joke called 1MDB. How can any normal person feel annoyed or threatened by that? Unless it’s a case of (as per the home minister) " siapa makan chili, dia rasa pedas ".


Tholu: Where were you, MCMC, when false news was fervently and unabatedly spread against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim during the Sodomy I and II episodes?


Now, when the government-linked 1MDB issue is raging like a wildfire to the utter embarrassment of your incompetent and corrupt bosses, you are issuing threats of legal action.


Which side are you on? The 1MDB side, which is allegedly fraught with cheating, embezzlement and corruption, or the side of the people, whose money has been robbed for the politicians’ avaricious and conscienceless greed?


Hello: We might as well tell Malaysians to sew zippers on their mouths; cut off their fingers, too. Isn't it in our constitution that there is freedom of speech and comment? What happened to fraternity, solidarity and liberty?


Kang Kong King: Focus on the thieving, rather than the ordinary citizen. The country's credibility will improve by leaps and bounds.


Eyespye: We don't have an independent press among the mainstream media. This is what happens when you don't give people space to vent their feelings.


When you undermine official channels of expression, you force it underground - where you can't control it unless you cut the whole country off the Internet.


So don't blame us users for spreading what many of us think is just satire and irony. Blame the government and its culture of repression.


Anonymous_1371978116: Explain to me how you're going to catch users on WhatsApp. Seriously.


Are they forgetting that the act in itself is a breach of privacy? Grow up, you can't control the Internet like how you can with the newspapers.


Doc: Wow! If the MCMC does catch all the Malaysians sending WhatsApp messages to one another on the 1MDB debacle and fine them RM50,000 each, I am sure that the government can recoup the missing 1MDB's RM42 billion.


Speaking Sense: As usual, this government has lost the plot. The concern is to pursue the truth of the matter, not to chase after those who want to provide information and to look for information in the search for the truth.


But, alas, when it has no answer, this government resorts to threats and intimidation. It’s time for them to leave behind its school bully behaviour and act like grown-ups - there is a country’s and its people's future at stake here.


Apa Ini?: Swatting at little flies for buzzing about the truth? Go get the lions that roar; WSJ, Sarawak Report , the BBC, Al Jazeera and the many bloggers that have helped report 1MDB's and the PM's misdeeds.


Corruption reeks and no one dares remove the s**t, they only chase away the 'flies'.

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