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Yes, KJ, we trust cabinet to do its job - cover for PM

YOURSAY 'If it had done what it was supposed to do, we wouldn't be in this mess.'


Fear not, cabinet to ensure task force does its job


Sirach: Are you serious, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin? The fact that 1MDB was able to do what it is alleged to have done, shows that nobody in the cabinet dared to question the PM’s decision.


But, sadly, that is the Malaysian way. If the boss says it's okay, it must be okay, even if we have grave doubts that it isn't. To question would be seen as 'kurang ajar' (insolent).


This is a licence to plunder for those amoral individuals who manage to claw their way to positions of power and influence. And this is the price we pay.


Fair&Just: What a funny joke. We can laugh further when the task force report comes out.


Franco: Khairy is asking the fox to look after the chicken. It is the cabinet that we don't trust. If the cabinet had done what it was supposed to do in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess.


Chks: Khairy, do you think the people are stupid? Who are you to ensure the 1MDB task force "does its job"? "Does its job" to cover up your boss, is it?


It is precisely because of people like you in the cabinet who say they will "ensure the task force does its job" that we are extremely worried.


Katusha: The people in the special task force are all under the control of the PM or the home minister, and report directly to them and not the cabinet. It's like asking an idiot to be a witness. How can we believe them, and who would?        


YF: Correction, KJ. It's not fear but the lack of common sense. How can one form a task force of incompetent people who should and could have exposed this when it was first committed?


It's like giving authority to criminals to revisit the crime scene and remove all the evidence.


Is this the Umno way? That is why Umno must leave before it makes matters worse for the country.


SRMan: Khairy, if you think that by assuring the public, "the cabinet will ensure that the special task force investigating allegations against 1MDB will do its job without fear or favour," then you are out of touch with the ground.


What makes you think that we would trust the cabinet to do its job without fear of favour when its very own head is now under a very serious investigation?


For all we know, the huge funds channelled into your boss' accounts were used for GE13 and it would not be far-fetched to deduce that some of the present cabinet ministers who stood in the last elections were among the beneficiaries.


Would the cabinet direct the special task force, for example, to check all the cheques issued from Najib's AmBank accounts (as exposed by The Wall Street Journal ) and then disclose all the names of the beneficiaries, if this is not done by the task force?


If the cabinet can do that, then it may gain some measure of trust or credibility among the rakyat.


Clongviews: Fear not? Of course, we fear the most. Firstly, the four top officials in the task force are answerable to PM Najib Razak.


Secondly, Khairy and his colleagues have already declared their support for the PM, and their ministerial positions are determined by Najib. So, can the cabinet be impartial?


Centurian: Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz didn't even notice or pretended not to know about the huge transactions in the local bank accounts, and you ask us to trust her?


Those sitting in cabinet don't have the guts to question the PM. And you want to make sure the investigation is fair? Why is your boss not denying the WSJ claims directly?


He keeps telling us he didn't use funds for personal gain, so isn't it clear he is indirectly admitting having the funds? Do you need rocket science to get this point?


Anonymous_1421806811: Khairy, can Malaysians be blamed for the loss of trust in many of our cabinet ministers? Many of us are wondering how they were appointed ministers in the first place.


They have been keeping quiet and not asking their boss the right questions in the interest of the nation. If they had, we may not be in such a mess today.


All we want is a fair investigation and right now we are not sure of getting one when the PM is dictating the objectives of the task force.


If there is any conscience left in you, please ask the PM to go on leave. If he is innocent, we will welcome him back with open arms.


LEF: Our cabinet is not structured along the lines of 'first among equals'. Therefore, all ministers are below the PM. Given this, the cabinet cannot be entrusted to carry out any checks on the PM.


Khairy, give up on being a mouthpiece for the useless government that we have in place.


Clearwater: This grotesquely oversized cabinet with its supporting complement of brown-nosed ministers is already not doing its job.


Do you honestly think we trust you to monitor the task force to do its one job - to bring Najib to task on 1MDB?


Pandadora: You lot have sold your souls to the devil. And you keep telling us to trust you. If this too is covered up then I'm afraid we are well and truly done for.


Ethnicmalaysian: Just one question, Khairy: Who does the cabinet report to? Answer: The accused. I rest my case.

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