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YOURSAY ‘Why is your chief, PM Najib, not suing the pants off everyone?’


I wasn't born yesterday, minister tells The Edge


Vijay47: I suppose, Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Abdul Rahman Dahlan, that your claim you were not born yesterday is to indicate your maturity and intelligence.


But going through your many comments and explanations, and the logic reflected in them, I can only conclude that you were probably born late this afternoon.


You seem distressed that The Edge took measures to verify the authenticity of the material passed to them. You call that "convenient"? I would describe it as being cautious and sensible, hardly your cup of tea.


Let us even admit that the data were stolen and The Edge paid for them. So? The issue is the substance, the veracity of the information in them - that a shameless bunch of Umno crooks was robbing the nation blind. That can be overlooked?


If all the damaging statements and revelations made by MPs Rafizi Ramli, Tony Pua and the others are so uniformly faked, why is your chief, PM Najib Razak, not suing everyone's pants off?


Ferdtan: Abdul Rahman, you are fighting a lone and losing battle for your boss. It looks like you are the only minister out of many dozens in the cabinet who are vocal on this 1MBD issue.


First, you stupidly got involved with the confirmed bankrupt Lester Melanyi whose public statements through a video interview were found to be false.


Now you dare to criticise The Edge, which exposed many shenanigans, of whom the chief suspect, Najib, has not answered in a straightforward manner.


By exposing corruption in high places, The Edge deserved praises for its national and patriotic duty. We salute the editors and owners of the news media.


Call it whatever; politics or not, it is a sacred duty of every Malaysian to save the country by reporting crimes. Corruption is a crime, no matter who the culprits are. The Edge Media Group publisher Ho Kay Tat, in the eyes of the public, is a hero in this episode.


It is rather naive of Rahman to question why The Edge called IT experts to check the authenticity of the data. Isn’t that what all responsible news media must do - to diligently check data to make sure they are not false?


This is so unlike Umno, which accepted completely, to the extent of making police reports, the lies that were in the Lester Melanyi’s video interview. Imagine these are the same government leaders who are running the country.


Slumdog: Rahman, at the end of the day, Najib allegedly had RM2.6 billion deposited into his private bank accounts.


To date, he has not denied this and has not revealed what he did with the money. It does not matter what Lester said or The Edge reported.


All these claims, counter-claims, spins and lies do not change the original allegation against Najib. End of story.


Wg321: Whether you are not born yesterday or today is not important. The most important is what happened to the missing money in 1MDB.


Most of the time, 1MDB was not able to give proper answers, such as the simple question of “what are the ‘units’ kept in Singapore?” Please don’t beat around the bush.


The Edge has made a serious allegation that PetroSaudi International and business tycoon Jho Low had allegedly committed fraud by siphoning US$1.83 billion from 1MDB. That money is taxpayers’ money.


Whether email are tampered or not, let the police decide. But whether RM2.6 billion was deposited into the personal accounts of Najib is a simple issue.


All Najib has to do is show his bank statements for the month of March to August 2013 to prove there was no RM2.6 billion (US$700 million) deposited into his accounts.


Whether it is political or not is not important. The most important is the US$1.83 billion of Malaysian taxpayers’ money that has  allegedly been stolen.


Odysseus: Rahman Dahlan, you are not even interested in verifying if the data provided has any substance. Instead you chose to go to town to defend your boss, blindly.


You could have easily got your boss to state clearly whether the US$700 million did actually go into his personal accounts or not. Instead, you get clowns to put up a show to sidetrack the whole issue.


Bringon14: Considering the stupidity and idiocy that you have displayed thus far, well, perhaps it is true that you were not born yesterday.


But your brain might not have started to develop more than one day (and that is putting it mildly and nicely, too). 


The trouble with these Umno leaders is that they do not know when to shut up. Your vehicle for this fraud has been found to be severely wanting.


It’s best to just fade away and shut up and let people think that you are stupid, than to continue to open your mouth and spout all sorts of nonsense and let people know that you are indeed stupid.


I.AM.Malaysian: Newly-minted BN strategic communication director, Rahman, you could have refuted The Edge point by point, rather than rambling on about political-motivated reporting and procuring stolen and tampered data.


Thereafter, you can take The Edge to court and proof that the data they procured had been tampered.


Tikusmati: If you were born yesterday, I would not be expecting any reply, nor want any reply from you. But you just said that you were not born yesterday, so can you answer if your boss had RM2.6 billion in his bank accounts?


If you do not know, please ask him and let us know. Everyone had tried to ask him and he did not reply. So please do us a favour and ask him.


I would rather have that answer than know when you were born. And if your boss answers that "he was not born yesterday", you know what to do.


Telestai!: Rahman, are you serious you weren't born yesterday? With your infantile behaviour shining like a beacon, you could have easily fooled us.

RM2.6b in private accounts, still no answer

Rahman Dahlan, please answer this question

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Rahman Dahlan, please answer this question

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