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YOURSAY ‘Why hasn't PM denied US$700m was deposited into his bank accounts?’


I wasn't born yesterday, minister tells The Edge

Anonymous 350791436750385: Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Abdul Rahman Dahlan, you could have been born 50 years ago but your response to The Edge report is simply idiotic.


I really wonder how you get to be a minister. The Edge was simply presenting evidence and illustrated in detail how business tycoon Jho Low collaborated with Petrosaudi International to allegedly cheat Malaysians billions of ringgit though 1MDB.


Instead of acting on the information, you preferred to beat around the bush, admonishing The Edge on the way they procure their information.


Oh, come on. These bloody scammers have gotten away with billions of public money and you are whacking the whistle blower instead of the culprit?


May I remind you that the billions were borrowed from banks and future generations of Malaysian will have to repay them.


You simply are not concern that every single person in the street, be they fisher folk, farmers, labourer, white collar workers, etc, have all been robbed. Why is Jho Low still at large?


Cmfoo: In defending the indefensible, unable to back track and trying to salvage some remnants of face - if there is any left - Abdul Rahman is sticking to his guns.


If the documents from The Edge are falsified, then minister, do show us that the AmBank accounts are not Najib's personal accounts, and RM2.6 billion was not deposited in them. It's that simple.                                                                                  


Iiiizzzziiii: Bravo to Ahmad Rahman in defending 1MDB and PM. The choice of words he used is a dead giveaway of the propaganda nature of his argument.


He keeps using the word "tampered". Why? Where is the proof that the data or evidence had been tampered with?


It is easy to make accusations without having to show proof. So, please show proof or else this minister is just blowing hot air and was definitely born yesterday.


Anonymous 405401436586659: Abdul Rahman, why hasn't the PM denied that US$700 million was deposited into his bank accounts? Because that statement is indefensible?


So why divert attention about the tampering of evidence when the basic fact, which cannot be tampered, is not being denied or proven as wrong?


Why was 1MDB-PetroSaudi joint venture terminated after US$1 billion was remitted into the deal? Why was US$700 million transferred to a Jho Low-controlled company?


Simple questions for someone not born yesterday, right?


Speaking Sense: Abdul Rahman needs to go a lesson in Logic 101 before he tries again. For now his logic seems to be, if I try to avoid the real question by appearing stupid in my comments and asking silly irrelevant questions, the real question might go away by itself.


But we still want to know what happened to the money in 1MDB and did obscene amounts of money go into Najib's personal accounts, and if so, where did they come from and what happened to it?


Surely even a fool can understand this.


Magnus: I congratulate The Edge for its journalistic prowess in unearthing the likely truth behind the 1MDB scandal that would have brought down any democratic government.


But that said, I am concerned that The Edge has apparently revealed its source to the authorities. The confidentiality between journalist and source is a non-negotiable principle and universally accepted and observed standard in journalism, which protects both journalistic integrity and public interest.


Journalists have even been prepared to go to jail for contempt of court to protect their integrity and their sources. So why did The Edge reveal its source so readily to the authorities?


Was The Edge bullied into doing so with threatened closure perhaps by the likes of Abdul Rahman?


SRMan: The BN politicians are used to reading reports in BN-controlled media which normally sing praises of the ruling coalition or the government.


Thus when a non-BN controlled media exposes a scam such as 1MDB, they are practically caught off-guard and do not know what to say. Their standard reply are "such reports are politically motivated" or "the people must be involved in some sinister plot to overthrow the government."


Remember Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's reply, "you eat the chilli, you feel the heat" when asked by The Edge about its purported wrong reporting.


But lately, they did try something new - former journalist Lester Melanyi's video of so-called expose of Sarawak Report . But the attempt bungled, fell flat and instead it made a fool of the 'director'.


Swipenter: Nobody has come out to challenge Sarawak Report's rebuttal that the data were not tempered. The data were stolen by Justo, everybody knows that. Now show us what was tempered? How it was tempered? And tempered by whom?


Even The Edge took precautions to ensure that the data were genuine. But what the stolen data reveal is what really matters most.


It is the alleged theft of our billions of ringgit by a couple of Malaysians in cahoots with a few foreigners; not the theft of the PetroSaudi's data by Justo nor whether Justo was paid for the stolen data that matter.


Abdul Rahman was not born yesterday, that is true. What is also true is that he is trying to to put a spin on what the data reveal and "shooting the messenger", a phrase fondly used by him.


It does not escape us that he is only interested in the theft of the data but not what the data contain and reveal. His actions and interests is surely a man not born yesterday but today.


Odin Tajué: No, Rahman, you were not born yesterday, but your association with, and full confidence in, Lester Melanyi and Ramesh Rao reflects very well your level of intelligence - which is on the level of theirs.


Anonymous_1423808262: I think Abdul Rahman has been very successful in diverting the focus from his boss Najib to something else that is trivial, ridiculous and inconsequential.


The Lester/Ramesh show or its credibility is not important. The longer we are distracted, the better it is for 1MDB and Najib.


I think the best we can do is to ignore anything that comes from Abdul Rahman but to focus on the issue of corruption.


Hang Babeuf: Clearly, he is minister for SCUM - "Silly, Childish, Unsupportable Messaging".


If this dolt is the kind of person to whom Umno and Najib must turn in their moment of challenge, it's all over. The nation's "permanent government" is on its last legs, and doomed.

RM2.6b in private accounts, still no answer

So you’re not born yesterday, but...

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