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YOURSAY ‘Abdul Rahman, don’t attempt to insult our intelligence with this sideshow.’


I wasn't born yesterday, minister tells The Edge

Sali Tambap: Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Abdul Rahman Dahlan, you said you were not born yesterday, meaning that you are not stupid. You must be quite angry to resort to using such words.


The words you used are like a double-edged sword that cuts both ways. You also said, "do not shoot the messenger," but have you thoroughly thought that they, too, could apply both ways?


The Edge is merely a messenger. Now, make good on your own words or eat them up.


Wira: Yes, you are not born yesterday but you have the brain of a moron. The rakyat are not interested if the information was stolen. We are only interested in whether 1MDB money was stolen, something which the accused has tried to deflect away.


That's why, till today, we have yet to receive a denial from the PM whether US$700 million actually went into his personal accounts.


Gunnerrun: People who have had to survive a lot of persecution, torment, torture, hardship, discrimination, oppression and jail terms have every damn right to say they were not born yesterday.


But not someone like you, who has been spoon-fed all your life, showered with fat scholarships and all other kinds of privileges and perks, whether you had asked for them or not.


And having never spent a day under the sun marching for what the rakyat believe strongly in is the reason why you are a real laughing stork when you start proclaiming to the world that you do have something in between your ears than what we know to be true.


Certainly not someone from your party, who has never needed to lift a finger other than do what his mouth tells him, even when there's a foot buried deep in it.


FellowMalaysian: It looks like The Edge's latest salvo in the 1MDB enigma has certainly got the BN's hot-shot Rahman all riled up, hot and exasperated.


The Edge Media Group publisher Ho Kay Tat argued with grounds and reasons why The Edge was finally compelled to disclose the gamut of 1MDB-PetroSaudi data, having identified that some of the documents did indeed reveal scams and wrongdoings.


In his attempt to rebut Ho's searing expose, Rahman could only try to douse the fire by making wild and unverified diversions and accusations, like Ho worked together with the opposition and insisting that Ho did identify Xavier Andre Justo as the informant, which he certainly did not.


Rahman's reply sure came with alacrity. Sad to say, this isn't a display of acuity or panache in his ability to handle stinging live fire, but rather an immediate jolt of reflex reaction, like when your house is burning down fast.


Magnus: Rahman is right to tweet that what was reported by The Edge is indeed "political".


Newspapers are meant to report on political mattrers, just as much as on any other matter of human affairs and activities, particularly those areas that invite public query.


But I am sure that no one in their right mind, not even Rahman, takes it for granted that journalistic reporting on a matter of politics is the exact same thing and meaning as being politically motivated to do so.


Perhaps PM Najib Razak should find himself another communications strategist who can, well, communicate with coherence. And preferably, more professionally on a professional platform that does not involve tweeting.


Turvy: Indeed, other than the bravado, there is nothing in this man's statement that is coherent. Words come out of his mouth, but they need an expert to make any sense of them.


This country is not for the honest. Thieves strut the public places, hold public offices, while the honest cower in the shadows, afraid for their freedom.


Waktamnoko: Nobody said anything about 'fake' data. But, everybody is asking about the RM2.6 billion supposedly credited into a leader's personal account.


Now, Rahman sure is a fast learner when it comes to answering questions that were not asked in the first place.


God Save Us: A significant percentage of Malaysia's intelligent citizens were not born yesterday either. There are very simple questions to answer.


Don’t attempt to insult our intelligence with this sideshow. Where are the missing billions of ringgit? Did money from 1MDB go into someone’s personal account? Was it used for the general election?


Very simple, very basic and very direct.


Armchair Newspaper: Pathetic rhetorical and incongruent utterances from this minister.


First and foremost, Justo is not even charged nor convicted for theft of the data said to have been tampered; secondly no one from Malaysia has been charged nor convicted for purchasing stolen data; thirdly, Najib has not denied that billions of ringgit were deposited from allegedly 1MDB-related entities into his personal accounts.


Lastly, even the servile and compliant Umno supporters are questioning why Najib has not come out to defend and disprove these vile allegations against him, if they are not true.


Instead we have to endure these pathetic sideshows and smokescreen from these inconsequential characters.


Malaysia-boho-leh: Malaysia has a huge problem in that the Malay Malaysians seem to allow their political representatives to steal public money just because of solidarity with their own race, in which case then, Malaysia is truly doomed.


Malaytoo: All these 'noises' are mere distraction strategy to divert the focus away from the RM2.6 billion allegation.


So far it works, as everyone has got worked up. As far as Rahman and a few others are concerned, logical reasoning on their part doesn't matter anymore as the objective is to provoke and buy time.


Tailek: Again, the rakyat don't give a damn whether it is politically motivated or not. We just want the truth how the people's money was squandered or stolen.


When the truth comes out, and it will, the culprits behind this mega fraud should be jailed and if that includes VVIPs, ministers or even the prime minister, so be it.

So you’re not born yesterday, but...

Rahman Dahlan, please answer this question

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Rahman Dahlan, please answer this question

So you’re not born yesterday, but...

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