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IGP guilty of acts against parliamentary democracy

YOURSAY ‘He is taking the law into his hands and interpreting it to his whims and fancies.’


Topple gov't claim: Cops probe MPs, The Edge boss

FairMind: An MP asking another MP who happens to be the premier of our nation, and who has not satisfactorily explained the alleged presence of RM2.6 billion in his personal bank accounts, to resign is not toppling the government.


To be embroiled in a scandal and being forced to resign as a result is normal and this happens in every parliament around the world. It is a question of basic integrity of a leader.


If people were to carry guns or weapons or army tanks rolling in the streets like we see in some countries - that is toppling the government.


It looks like our IGP (inspector-general of police) is taking the law into his hands and interpreting it to his whims and fancies.


Section 124B of Penal Code: “Whoever, by any means, directly or indirectly, commits an activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to twenty years.”


If I read this clause objectively, it is the IGP who should be punished with imprisonment.


Real Truth: The IGP is claiming that disclosure of wrongdoing of the PM in the 1MDB issue is tantamount to overthrowing the government by undemocratic means and can be charged under section 124.


Whatever the allegations against PM must to be investigated. And there is no element of overthrowing the government, especially when the allegations are only against one person, Najib, who happens to be PM.


The government does not mean the PM alone. When we say the IGP is talking rubbish, it does not mean the whole police department is talking rubbish.


Versey: Has the IGP and the special task force probing the 1MDB scandal completed their investigation on the source of the US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) and where the money went to?


Has the IGP got hold of all the original emails/documents pertaining to 1MDB? If not, how could he prove that the named persons "involved in the tampering and fabrication of documents related to 1MDB"?


If exposing corruption is liken to "topple a government" or "destroy the nation",  then why is there such an institution named MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission)?


Sali Tambap: Indeed, how is this considered trying to topple the government? The suspect is the PM and 1MDB. If they are found guilty, the most is that Najib would go to jail and 1MDB revamped. The government would still be the BN.


Well, at least until the next general election when voters would choose a new government. In fact the two MPs, Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua, should be commended for digging up this mess for all to see.


Up until now, there is no explicit denial by the PM that the accounts in contention were not his or that the money (RM2.6 billion) was not deposited into them.


With the information available now, the police action on the two MPs and The Edge is seen more of trying to shield the suspects (PM and 1MDB) from being responsible of their alleged wrongdoing.


Many Malaysians feel that in all probability this case will be closed with no conclusion as the case before this where the murderers were convicted without their motive being ascertained. So much for Malaysian law and justice.


Malaysiawatch4: 1MDB is at best a lousy investment predicated on unsound financial decisions and at worst, a mega scam to steal from Malaysians and then use the billions to buy the 13th general election.


How did it morph into a conspiracy to overthrow the government? For me, the government is already in default and should salvage a modicum of decency by calling for new elections.

Let the people decide.


Vijay47: At last, a real boost to parliamentary democracy and the fact that our IGP can actually pronounce the phrase.


No doubt politicians from Westminster, Capitol Hill, the Diet, and the Lok Sabha will be flocking in droves to Malaysia to learn how the unique Malaysian form of government works.


They will take back wondrous tales of how an unemployed bankrupt can make unsubstantiated accusations which miraculously lead to members of the Malaysian Parliament being prevented from leaving the country without benefit of any charge by the authorities. 


Considerations of the reality that the accuser himself has made statements without any supporting evidence are simply annoying details to be ignored in the greater scheme of national interests.


Ignorant Malaysians may be perplexed that a larger elephant, a 90-year-old one, has been issuing more damaging accusations and yet seems to be outside the police's realm of attention.


Magnus: My pet says that to topple the government in reality means to topple a good and legitimately elected government through underhanded means. Like that clandestine coup d'état of May 1969.


So my pet is confused how anyone can use that meaning on anyone there now when your government is neither good (because it is stinkily bad) nor legitimately elected (because it steals your money to cheat you to win) nor being attacked underhandedly (because the whole world is now openly attacking it).


Anonymous 122461436161429: We are living in dark times and with a government on its last legs as they have been pushed to the corner and have nowhere to go. They may get away with their crimes in Malaysia but not in the international arena.


Persevere, dear opposition members and persons fighting for justice, and we will push the government off the edge they are teetering on.


Negarawan: After almost three weeks, Najib has not denied or disproved that RM2.6 billion was deposited into his AmBank accounts. This is the crux of the issue.

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