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For MCMC, you’re guilty until proven innocent

YOURSAY ‘In that case, put Najib in jail first as a preventive measure.’

MCMC: No proof yet, website block preventive

FairMind: Isn't this reply by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) the height of lunacy and irresponsibility?

Malaysians asked why the Sarawak Report was banned. MCMC then replied, "Because there is no proof yet Sarawak Report is false." I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the lunacy of MCMC.

Malaccan: The news portals are not the courts. It is not for them to provide conclusive proof. If it doesn't injure any party, they can be sued or lose their credibility.

The Fifth Estate reports, cajoles and expose matters for others to pursue. The MCMC is merely swallowing blind what certain quarters associated with the executive arm wants and allows itself to be used and manipulated away from its statutory duties.

It is the authorities who must investigate and acquire proof in order to charge the parties and for the courts to determine the value of the evidence and proof.

At best, MCMC are led by unworthy simpletons and at worst colluding with interested parties, possibly to hide, cover and even continue the alleged acts that may be construed as criminal.

Sabahan: So if the police think that someone is planning a robbery but has no proof whatsoever, they should jail this person for preventive purposes. Sounds like a dictatorship to me.

Quigonbond: It's unreasonable to block a site when there is no proof of wrongdoing yet. The commission has just shot itself in the foot. Sarawak Report can now apply for judicial intervention to quash the block.

Lamps: In that case, put Najib Abdul Razak in jail first as a preventive measure.

Asitis: This is clear proof that in Malaysia, one is guilty until proven innocent. So Sarawak Report is assumed guilty, its website blocked until its innocence is proven.

It is also clear proof that in Malaysia double standard apply depending one whether you are pro-government or otherwise.

Otherwise, as pointed out by Lamps, in accordance with the principle of guilty until proven innocent, Najib should step down, or at least take leave of absence, until his innocence is proven.

Instead, it is enough that he just deny the allegation against him, and that is supposed to be acceptable to everybody, like it or not. Clearly double standard.

TPat: Great, soon the police can apply the same practice to detain anyone. No proof yet, person detained as a preventive measurement.

Oh wait, it seems like this had happened before with the Internal Security Act (ISA). So it is a norm then, no biggie.

Negarawan: Within Malaysia, Umno is free to concoct any narrative they want to exonerate the guilty, as the authorities are not independent.

In past high-profile cases, there were questionable witnesses called by Umno like Ummi Hafilda Ali, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, and now Lester Melanyi.

However, outside of Malaysia, in the eyes of experienced, learned and discerning legal fraternities, the shenanigans by Umno will be immediately recognised and demolished.

A good example is the Pedra Branca case where the audacious attorney-general (AG) produced a fake photo at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), and this trickery was immediately exposed by the Singapore legal team. It would have worked if the court case had been held in Malaysia though.

The 1MDB mega scandal involves a few nations namely the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Singapore. They will start their own investigations.

Let us see whether the esteemed investigation teams in these countries will agree with Umno that the emails and bank documents are ‘forged’. The Umno government is on trial there, at a level-playing field.

RCZ: The world practices innocent until proven guilty but Malaysia does it the other way round. Guilty until we the powers that be say you are not.

As of today July 23, 2015 it is the official stand of Malaysia that there is no evidence of Sarawak Report falsifying documents. Therefore, all the earlier statements on this issue of falsifying by ministers and the like were lies.

Bringon14: How about something to prevent more money from being lost under this incompetent government?

Tholu: Every government enforcement agency seems to have lost the purpose and goals of its establishment and has somewhat strayed from its pledges to serve the populace in protecting and preserving their constitutional rights such as freedom of the press.

They have now, instead, shirked and neglected their true social and moral duties and obligation towards the citizenry and have become fawning sycophants of their political masters.

They have willingly become complicit in the raging and unabated corrupt practices and abuse of power by the government leaders and their cronies. The ordinary people’s hope and aspirations are no longer in their ‘client’s charter’.

And of course, for their unquestioning servile obedience to the biddings of the government politicians - even when it is flagrantly apparent that the biddings are unlawful and a criminal betrayal of the people’s trust on the government politicians - the heads of the government agencies could be amply rewarded with wealth and position.

Pat88: A judge to an accused, "I sentence you to a lethal injection, as a preventive measure, just in case you wanted to kill somebody!"

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