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Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin has warned that the party is suffering a perception crisis due to the 1MDB controversy.

Speaking at the Cheras Umno division annual general meeting this evening, Muhyiddin said that should the general elections be held soon, Umno will lose.

However, Muhyiddin qualified his prediction by stating that it is not a form of criticism against party president Najib Abdul Razak.

"I speak the truth. If the Parliament is dissolved tomorrow we won't win the general election.

"There has been research that say it is hard for us to win the next general election.

"But the consolation is that there is still time before the next general election. But the (negative) sentiment is there.

"I'm just stating how we are being perceived on the ground" said Muhyiddin.

'Are people sick of Umno?'

He said the party members must be sensitive towards grassroots sentiment and never lose touch with the public.

He warned against being trapped with a denial syndrome and urged party members to check the what was being said on social media in order to have a "real time" overview of public sentiment.

" Adakah orang ' meluat ' (Are people sick of Umno)? That has been said many times. But now it's more than ' meluat '. You now have access to social media which can gauge the people's sentiment regardless of race in real time.

"This is one of the thing we should look at. I'm not looking to blame (anyone) because I'm part of the system. I am inside the government. But I am worried and afraid if things are not managed properly," he said.

Muhyiddin said Umno has to counter the idea this malady by giving Umno a "Wow factor" to convince the people to support them.

The former Johor Menteri Besar also reminded that Umno should increase their profile by making friends and not enemies with the public.

"If you call 10 person outside and ask them if they supported Umno? Do you think they will say they do?" he ask the crowd and was met with an emphatic "No" from the floor.

GST implementation poor

He then offered any Cheras Umno members RM1,000 if they could suggest ideas that gave the party some sort of "Wow factor".

"I don't think people forgot the great things Umno and BN did. But they are evaluating us based on our (current) actions.

"They say our leaders are corrupt. It might be true. Ignoring sentiments and thinking we are always right is the wrong thing to do.

"That is important, including solving the 1MDB problem. But the main issue for peoples grouses are important. If needed, we must review our policy on 'wow factor' which made people say: 'Yes. This is what I want'.

"We have yet to find it," he said.

He said that many people are facing economic hardship, especially since the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST).

"Surveys shown that most Malaysians are affected by economic issues. GST, cost of living and others. Last year it was safety and security.

"Is GST-related problems serious? I supported GST as a cabinet member but when I went to the ground and witnessed the implementation, the price of some goods went up by 100 percent.

"Some items that was not taxed under GST but had gone up as well," he said.

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