It’s Najib who has to apologise, not The Edge


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YOURSAY ‘He should come out and tell us whether RM2.6b was in his accounts.’

The Edge: We will not apologise

Ferdtan: It is really heartening that The Edge publisher and chief executive officer Ho Kay Tat confirmed at a press conference that he was standing firm behind what his media organisation had published.

That conviction to fight on, refusing to apologise, not surrendering, is really unprecedented. It is like a breath of fresh air in the history of the country’s mainstream media.

In the past, these media organisations (not the alternative media), like most businesses, always ultimately yield to the bullying authority by apologising - even if they were not in the wrong.

Odin Tajué: You will not apologise? Apologise for what? No, sir, you will do nothing of that sort. Instead, you should grind their faces with the soles of your shoes. And then, for good measure, spit on them.

SteveOh: In 1963, the United States saw a pivotal point in its history when Martin Luther King marched on Washington and 250,000 Americans of all races and religious groups stood behind the push for civil rights for African Americans.

Malaysians must rally against corruption and the corrupt in a show of defiance against the evildoers.

Those in government against corruption must bolster enough courage to root out the corrupt in their midst and redeem the reputation of this tainted government. Not all in government are corrupt. Show some courage and moral revulsion, like The Edge .

Headhunter: As long as you tell the truth, you have our support. In the end, the truth shall prevail and the criminals will pay the ultimate price.

Keep pressing for the answer to the question - where is the 1MDB money?

Anonymous 706151436780066: As a retired journalist, I am honoured to commend the team at The Edge for their commitment to the core of their profession; the truth.

I am with you all the way and should you need any kind of help to face the challenge from the powers out to stifle the truth, just call out to Malaysia and we will be there right beside you.

God bless you, Ho Kay Tat and your team.

Bringon14: This is what the country needs, and is getting - a few good men (and women of course).

For when such good people arise, there will be righteousness and leadership. For far too long this country has been burdened with a lot of bad and corrupt people.

Saphire: Apologise, my foot! In fact, Najib should apologise to the whole country for turning it into a mess.

He should come out of hiding and tell us whether RM2.6 billion was in his accounts. Such simple thing, he is not willing to do. Only one word can describe him correctly - selfish.

Magnus: Bravo! Ho and his team should feel very proud of the excellent and hard gritty work they have done to expose the financial mess in 1MDB, and they should carry on undaunted to finish the job off and help send all the crooks involved in the scandal to the hell on earth they deserve.

Perhaps the editor can also advise the owner of The Edge to make amends with Xavier Andre Justo and keep that promise to pay Justo in some mutually agreed way.

Ivy J: Ho and The Edge team have made history and have become part of our collective journey to reclaim democracy and justice for Malaysia.

Dingy: Najib survives because those Umno warlords and his cabinet ministers are behind him. They must have received something to support him.

Ku Li (Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah) once revealed that Umno division heads received RM50,000 per month. We don't know if cabinet ministers also receive additional income from Najib.

RM2.6 billion is a lot of money. If indeed he had paid for the support, the money can last him for a long time. To these people, Najib is more important than the country. His continued stay as PM brings economic and political instability, which will affect our ringgit.

Versey: Indeed, all thinking and fair-minded rakyat are behind you guys and proud of your world-class investigative journalism.

Truth will ultimately prevail. Stay strong, be of good cheer and good courage, God be with you all.

Drngsc: Dear Ho and The Edge staff, please keep up the good work. In fact, work doubly hard to expose wrongdoings.

The truth must be made known. Do not be afraid of bullies. You all have done nothing wrong. Just take it that you all are doing national duty for the sake of a better Malaysia.

Spirit of Malaya: Enough of talking, it's time to hit the streets again as that's the only way to show our disgust of this unscrupulous regime. Let's join forces to ensure that the next generation inherits a better Malaysia.

Versey: Even the prime minister's own brother, Nazir Razak, took to his Instagram account to condemn the suspension of The Edge weekly and The Edge Financial Daily .

Need we say more, Mr Home Minister?

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