Zahid, some M’sians may be extradited to UK instead


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YOURSAY ‘Scotland Yard is not like our PDRM. They don't pander to crooks.’

Gov't mulls hauling up S'wak Report editor

Tholu: Our government ministers are morphing from being nonsensical in their words and deeds to being frighteningly freaky.

In a frantic bid to save PM Najib Razak from his inextricable entanglement in the 1MDB crisis, all his cabinet ministers are spewing nonsensical comments and remarks and even threats against their detractors.

None exhibit even an iota of intellectual and rational ministerial sagacity.

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, it is very obvious from your statement that you have set your mind to take action against Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown whatever the outcome of police investigations.

Otherwise why talk about the action you will take against her even before investigations into the veracity of her reports have commenced. Your malignance shows.

You keep saying that the leaked documents published by Sarawak Report have been tampered and fabricated, but until today no evidence has been shown by you to establish your accusations. The truth is, you can’t since your accusations are all hollow without any substance in them.

Zahid, you talked about “the principle of sovereignty” and how it is an act of “interference in the internal affairs of another country”.

So what are we to call your act of writing a letter to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to clarify Paul Phua's status on his alleged involvement in the 14K triad? Wasn’t it an act of interfering in the legal and judicial process of a foreign sovereignty?

You went out of your way to secure this man’s release from the American prisons despite knowing that this professional gambler was arrested for illegal betting during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

It appears that the government condones and even praises and honour criminals and their criminal activities but is quick to condemn and punish those who expose politicians who had allegedly committed CBT (criminal breach of trust) and embezzled the nation’s wealth to satisfy their own despicable greed for other people’s money.

Kim Quek: The Malaysian cabinet seems to be full of ‘ jaguh kampung ’ (village champions). 

Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan has just made a fool of himself by asking Interpol and UK police to investigate Rewcastle-Brown’s “forged” emails, now another minister, Zahid, is threatening to extradite her for “interfering into the internal affairs of Malaysia”, thus turning himself into an even bigger fool.

Such ignorance of law and international relations is jaw-dropping, to say the least. I suggest Najib either replace such type of ignoramus in his cabinet or give them a quick lesson in law - to spare Malaysians of any more of such international embarrassment.

CQ Muar: "The principle of 'sovereignty' is recognised between countries...," Zahid?

Was this so-called 'sovereignty' being adhered to in the case of former diplomat Muhammed Rizalman Ismail when he was hauled up for alleged sexual assault against a young lass in New Zealand?

Sali Tambap: Zahid is talking just to show that he supports Najib. Ministers Abdul Rahman and Shahidan Kassim have already spoken. The cronies must show that they support the master otherwise after the cabinet reshuffle, they may find themselves out of job.

All ‘ cakap kosong ’ but for the benefit of Umno audience to give the impression that Scotland Yard, ‘ konon ’, listens to him.

He should thank his lucky star if he does not get a lecture from the Scotland Yard on catching the real thief, just like what The Wall Street Journal did to Najib with regards to their report on his alleged embezzlement of the RM2.6 billion.

And please, at the rate the IGP (inspector-general of police) is going, do not speak of our police in the same light as the Scotland Yard.

Negarawan: Imagine this: a band of Umno ministers and its entire machinery (PDRM, MCMC, AGC) cannot bring down a single woman, and they have to resort to underhanded tactics like false witnesses, character assassination, internet blocks, legal harassments, stalkers, and now diplomatic threats.

Her pen is mightier than Umno's sword because she has integrity.

In his Southeast Asia visit next week, British PM David Cameron must not send the wrong message to his people and to Malaysians that he condones a corrupt and unjust government, and is willing to sell weapons to a questionable government lead by an alleged robber of billions of public money.  

Odin Tajué: Right you are, old chap. For six scores and eleven, your forefathers were squirming and struggling under the British yoke and being trampled under their heavy boots. It is time you show them you are your own masters and give them what for.

You must not only defend your land until the last drop of your blood, until your bodies are a mass of shredded flesh and pounded bones, but you must also salvage the honour that you have lost as serfs and minions of the folk from ole Blighty.

Here is your golden chance. Take it. Let not this woman even for a moment harbour the vain hope of lording it over you even if the act be perpetrated not physically but intellectually or mentally. I say, take it, man!

P.S. Before some naive morons blast away at me with their foul words typical of the ill-bred, I must inform that the above is pure sarcasm.

Hmmmmmmmm: Zahid, for your information, Scotland Yard is not like our PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police). They don't pander to crooks.

If you're not careful, somebody else might be extradited by Scotland Yard to UK instead.

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