If it's an Umno trust account, why close it?


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YOURSAY ‘Did AmBank inform Bank Negara about the huge cash transfers?’

'Umno allows trust account under president's name'

Kim Quek: BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan, we take it that you have confirmed that RM2.6 billion was indeed in PM Najib Razak’s bank accounts, but that the money was not meant for Najib but for Umno.

Then please get Najib to confirm this, and we will take it from there. If Najib still refuses to confirm the existence of the funds, despite one month has lapsed after its exposure, then you are considered to have lied to protect Najib and may be charged for abetting, if Najib is proven guilty later.

Kalvin Rekhraj: If it is a trust account, why close the account? If it is a trust account, did AmBank inform Bank Negara about the huge cash transfers?

Were the transfer details as alleged? If so, is Malaysia allowing foreigners to fund our election machineries?

There are a total of 727 parliament and state seats. Since each candidate is only allowed to spend up to RM200,000 - equivalent to RM145.4 million should all BN candidates received the same amount - the remainder of RM2.45 billion should still be in the account.

Would you be able to show the money trail? If not, would you ensure that Umno is investigated under the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act?

There are many more questions one can put forth, but only if one receives answers, not excuses.

Hello: "Abdul Rahman, who is urban well-being, housing and local government minister, said the money currently in a trust account under Najib's name as the Umno president was not from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) or public funds."

People are not asking about the "money currently [emphasis is mine] in a trust account". The interest is on Najib’s two AmBank accounts where an alleged RM2.6 billion was remitted in 2013, and which were closed soon after.

Don't muddy up the waters with other topics.

Magnus: Companies, NGOs and political parties open bank accounts in their names, and not in the personal names of their management, board members, trustees, or political party heads.

The corporate bank accounts are operated by way of bank mandates with signing authorities and limits. So why did Umno open its bank account in the personal name if its head, Najib, particularly since that person was also head of government and finance minister?

Abdul Rahman, as to your spinning that DAP, PKR and PAS are to blame for political parties now being able to keep secret their sources of political funding, may one ask why government MPs like yourself whose party has been in power since 1957, have not as yet addressed the real risk to Malaysia of locals or foreigners having the opportunity to buy a controlling interest in the nation to further their hidden agendas via extremely generous and secret donations made to political parties so their preferred people can have the best chance of being elected to the government, opposition, select committees plus the power to appoint chosen personnel to all public service roles in Malaysia?

So Abdul Rahman, it’s time to cut the crap and tell the rakyat why you, Umno-BN MPs, have not addressed that serious risk for well over half a decade when you could have easily done so with your whopping majority in the legislature?

Perhaps Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz can help clarify Abdul Rahman's unbelievable spinning by checking its banking records and archives to confirm if past Umno party presidents had such party "trust" accounts held in their personal names and if yes, then tell the rakyat what levels of cash went through these personal party "trust" bank accounts.

RM2.6billion in Mbank: Abdul Rahman, you are confusing Umno members. They no longer know what is right or wrong. Black can now be regarded as white depending on the prevailing situation.

The money allegedly deposited into Najib's personal account is suddenly renamed as a trustee account of Umno and therefore legal.

Not really, Abdul Rahman. Renaming the account will not legalise the money. You have forgotten that such massive transactions might have contravened the banking laws.

On top of that, the source of the money might be questionable. Did it come from drug traffickers or gambling syndicates? Or was the money given in consideration of favours to the donor?

Yes, you need to do more homework and research on those few questions before declaring the money perfectly legal or in Islam, ‘halal’.

Anonymous #07988903: We see how you now try to make ‘halal’ the money in the PM’s accounts when you can no longer deny its existence.

You say there is nothing wrong with having the money in one’s private bank account because it is a trust account in party president’s name.

But why is it that nobody knows about this in the first place and why was then DPM Muhyiddin Yassin expressed surprised about it in the leaked 58-second video ?

Swipenter: I thought only African trickster can turn paper into money. In spite of the many warnings from authorities and victims, many people still choose to believe them because of greed and ignorance.

But Umno now can also turn black money into white money the legal way. The former should learn from the latter how to do so because it is not a scam but perfectly legitimate.

If caught, just tell the cops that the money in your bank account is a trust account and the money is donation from your "benefactors", and you do not need to tell them your source.

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