PM's men mount weekend offensive


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YOURSAY ‘Abdul Rahman, you now make PM’s accounts sound more like a slush fund.’

'Umno allows trust account under president's name'

Sali Tambap: Who is asking about Umno trust account or are we missing something here? Or are you, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, saying that the RM2.6 billion which was remitted into PM Najib Razak's account was Umno's?

If it was, why don’t you all just say so. It would have saved everyone lots of time rather than engaging in a wild goose chase, not to mention with so many people arrested and sacked.

So what gives? What are you really telling us, Abdul Rahman? Just say it. Just say that it was not a crime for the RM2.6 billion to be credited to Najib's bank accounts. Just say it was not against Bank Negara's regulations that the money was not reported.

Had you said that, probably ex-DPM Muhyiddin Yassin or attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail would not be sacked or those 1MDB investigators arrested.

Go tell Sarawak Report , The Wall Street Journal and The Edge that it is perfectly legal to park RM2.6 billion in Najib's private accounts because they are Umno's trust accounts.

Ferdtan: An illegal act is an illegal act. A crime is a crime. It does not matter who the individual is and what for what purpose the money is meant for. Get it, BN Strategic Communication director Abdul Rahman?

Indirectly you are now implicating Umno. If so, the party should be investigated and if found guilty Umno, for the second time in its history, ought to be de-registered by the Registrar of Societies (ROS).            

Justice Pao: The truth is finally coming out about the RM2.6 billion. No wonder Najib and his men are going after all those involved in the 1MDB investigation.

If anybody other than Umno was to transfer RM50,000 or more, Bank Negara would be notified. For Umno, there seems to be no such transfer limit.

When these leaders are caught with their pants down, they twist and turn and it ends up with the alleged criminals going free while the whistleblower is detained.

It is only in Malaysia that this can occur - the Land of Limitless Possibilities. What was reported by WSJ and Sarawak Report is now proven correct, which means there was never any 'tampering' of emails as alleged.                                                

Odysseus: With this, Abdul Rahman has confirmed Najib has lied to Malaysians when he said he did not gain personally from the money. With so much money in Umno’s trust fund, certainly it is used to fund the election campaign to win GE13.

Najib is the chief beneficiary of the whole scheme. After all, he is now the prime minister. Yet, he is saying he did not gain personally.

Clearwater: Why hide the fact for so many weeks that Najib uses his own name for an ‘Umno trust account’? Who else knows about it?

Abdul Rahman, you make this sounds more like a slush fund. Just make public the account statements and let us be the judge.

Asitis: Abdul Rahman, do you dare to repeat what you have just said to an assembly of non-Umno professional accountants and also take questions from them?

Bystander: Abdul Rahman thinks he is a magician and we Malaysians are kindergarten kids and could be easily dazzled by his sledge of hands.

If 1MDB is so successful why the need to have three auditors in less than five years? Why the change of CEOs? Why couldn’t it launch the IPO of its energy arm, time and again? Why failed to service its interests repayments on time?

Why tear up Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) and sell part of its land to Tabung Haji at an unfairly marked-up price?

0berserver: It's the weekend of Umno's offensive. Not badly played out, though it is kind of repetitive.

I suggest they should add in the argument on Arab Spring and the need for more feudalism to convince the rakyat that their constitutional rights must be suppressed for their own good.

Speaking Sense: Indeed, it has taken them a while to come up with this nonsense. If true, why was it not made clear in the first place by Najib himself?

It’s time to give it a rest, Abdul Rahman. You have no credibility. Just concentrate on producing the ‘Ramesh and Lester’ B-grade farce. And don't talk about 1MDB because, as you admit, you clearly 'do not understand' the subject.

Enjoy your holiday in the backwoods of Kota Belud, give us a break from any more idiotic comments.

Hang Babeuf: When challenged to make yourself accountable over your handling of public funds and public business, it is no answer - and anyone, including Abdul Rahman, who thinks it is one is a moral idiot - to say that what is involved is not public finance but a secret, private party "slush fund".

A fund for discretionary and unaccountable spending in dubious ways for dubious purposes - including, above all, the covert manipulation and distortion of proper democratic processes.

That kind of answer raises many more problems than it resolves. It points to the existence of an entire moral and monetary cesspool at the heart of the nation's political life. In the hearts and minds and thinking of its highest leaders. And a terrible corrosion of the basis of public trust between government, ruling party and people.

How Abdul Rahman can see this as a proper answer beggars the imagination. It simply shows how ignorant of all proper standards of public life he is.

If it’s an Umno trust account, why close it?

So who’re the foreign funders of Umno?

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