So who're the foreign funders of Umno?


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YOURSAY ‘After prevarication, procrastination and denials, finally a ‘justification’.’

'Umno allows trust account under president's name'

Aries46: BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan - PM Najib Razak's 1MDB propagandist who debuted with the since discredited video confession duo - is noted for his irrational rhetoric.

He blabbers a lot but has little to show by way of substance - plenty of sound and fury but empty talks.

Overnight, the RM2.6 billion in Najib's personal accounts has become Umno's trust fund and Abdul Rahman has the cheek to say that other party leaders do the same. It is time the Inland Revenue Board check on it.

And if everything is so rosy and above board in 1MDB, what was the reason to pre-empt the work of the special task force and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)?

The sacking of the DPM and attorney-general whom the task force reported to and removal of the PAC chair and members and subsequent actions deemed detrimental has effectively put an end to the problem.

And what we have instead are some establishment lackeys that come around mouthing about the sanctity of 1MDB and the alleged RM2.6 billion scam and the loftiness of its morality, accountability and profitability with nothing to show other than their empty words.

Oxymoronictendencies: So after a month of prevarication, procrastination and denials, finally a "justification".

Pity it's so late, which tends to reduce its credibility. Given that the amount is probably more than is spent in the US presidential election, which in itself is an obscene amount, why didn't they just say so in the first place?

Perhaps they "forgot" what it was for. Need to give them the benefit of the doubt, I guess.

Appum: Of course, Umno allows political funding as no party in the world can survive without such contributions.   

But when uncanny huge amounts - from which source we cannot know - goes into a party leader's accounts, that is not the norm of contribution, is it?

Now it was said that it came from the Middle East. Are we now being bought over by a Middle Eastern country?

Imagine if such a sum has come from, say China, for an opposition party, would Umno and the government allow this to happen without creating a fuss?

We all know Umno allows a lot of things to be done but by its members. It allows its members to make a lot of money through all kinds of government contracts. And that is only exclusive to its three million members.

What about the remaining 14.4 million Malays? They just have to remain poor, even after 58 years of Umno rule, and the next 58 years too if Umno continues to rule.

IQ900: Is Umno constitution the law of the nation? Where did the US$700 come from? Who would simply give you US$700 million, and for what purpose?

Who are these foreign agents who supported Umno with US$700 million to fight GE13? Aren’t all these activities illegal?

If Najib did receive US$700 million from foreign agents, surely he has put himself under foreign control.

Arvidi: Funny this was not brought out earlier. Thank you strategic, or is it tragic, communication director Abdul Rahman.

Please tell the public, would not Najib say this when it was first exposed, or are you suggesting you know more about the party’s trust fund than your boss and, perhaps you should give him a well-deserved lecture on this.

Next, why bring in DAP into the debate? They never guzzled RM2.6 billion, or are you trying to equate DAP’s political funding with that of Umno?

Xed: If the trust account contains bribes and kickbacks, would it be right? Was Najib's account declared to be an official Umno account or a trust account for Umno's benefit from day one?

So far, there is no evidence of that. Trust accounts can be as innocent in nature as a bank account opened by a mother for her minor child. Good banking practice requires the name of the beneficiary to be stated in the bank documents. Any evidence that this was done in Najib's case?

When former Selangor MB Harun Idris was prosecuted over the HSBC and Bank Rakyat cases (remember, he did go to prison), there was evidence of Umno receiving donations that were kept in bank accounts controlled by party leaders, without evidence that Umno's auditors had looked at the details.

Harun took a bribe from HSBC ("donation", he said) when he gave approval for HSBC to build its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The money was kept in a safety deposit box.

In the bank's internal documents, the bribe was called "extra development charges" money.

Anonymous_1421806811: I think we know the answers now. The money is indeed in Najib's account and it was a ‘political donation’.

No need to say where it came from or where it went. Those who complain will be arrested. The dictator and his gangsters have won the battle but the war is not over.

We have to wait for the next GE. Hopefully Malaysians will still remember this scandal.

If it’s an Umno trust account, why close it?

PM’s men mount weekend offensive

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