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In bid to stay in power, PM ‘bastardises’ M’sia

YOURSAY ‘Najib is clearly delusional, believing his own lies, dripping with self-importance...’

PM: Malays 'bastardised' if Umno lose power

Aries46: If, as what PM Najib Razak says, the Malays will be bastardised if Umno loses power, then why is he driving Umno to the ground?

The various scandals of the Najib era, starting with the Scorpene submarines and the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder, up to the Anwar Ibrahim saga and the current 1MDB fiasco, international humiliation, the economic stagnation, goods and services tax ‘extortion’, currency depreciation, mismanagement and so forth that has brought untold hardship to the people is what has brought Umno to its present fight for survival.

There is no conspiracy to topple Umno or to bastardise anyone. It is neither the DAP nor the Jews but it is the ruling elites themselves who resort to a pack of lies, race and religion as their last bastion to scare the Umno Malays in order to save their own skins by keeping the beleaguered Najib in power.

XED: This country is a failing state because of corruption, racism, religious bigotry, and mismanagement of the economy. Poverty will grow. It will dehumanise us. It will cripple us, body and soul.

We can expect more oppression by the state, more lawlessness, and more selfishness. We can expect more suspicion, distrust, vigilantism, extortion, etc. There are enough examples to look at - such as an innocent 13-year-old boy who was lynched in a dirt-poor country because he was suspected, wrongly, to be a thief.

Transparency in Malaysia? What a joke this country has become! While Najib worries about Malays becoming "bastardised" (what does he mean?), he and his cronies are giving many people of other races and in other countries many opportunities to ridicule the Malays for the kind of weak leadership their race has - a leadership that has enriched itself and impoverished the ordinary Malays.

WDA: Najib, are you saying it is better to keep a corrupt leader at the helm rather than the opposition governing this country?

The PM is playing the race card again. He is trying to put the fear in the Malays and Muslims because of his own fears. This fear, is not primarily losing the premiership, more so of him ending up in prison. Hopefully, the Malays/Muslims are not fooled.

CQ Muar: Najib, you are running around the country like a headless chicken garnering for support after what you have done to the nation.

Knowing that the secret is out about the billions you had intended to ‘cheat’ the country, you're now a desperate man fighting for dear life.

I can't imagine what might have happened if the debt regarding 1MDB and RM2.6 billion in your personal bank account were not discovered in time.

It was from one excuse to another trying to cover up the billions you secretly stashed away; the latest being friendly Arabs' donations to fend off IS (Islamic State) and keep you in power for the sake of Muslim Malaysians.

What will you think of next? All I can foresee is your final lap is closing in; and a bleak and pathetic future awaits you, Mr PM. You sure deserve what's coming.

Odin Tajué: Najib is clearly delusional, believing his own lies, dripping with self-importance, and living in a world of fantasy he has himself created.

Boiling Mud: The Malays and Muslims would be bastardised if Umno no longer rule the country? There is only half truth to this desperate attempt to rev up the racial sentiment.

Yes, the Malays will be bastardised with a change in government, but only those Malays who failed their brethren in the past 57 years, only those who have exploited their constitution-enshrined privileges to enrich themselves, thus selling out wholesale the honest hardworking Malays who have no political connections.

They will do much better under a new, fair government, as proven by the improved livelihood of Malays in Penang and Selangor. Playing the race card will not save you at this difficult time when the 1MDB scandal is every Malaysian's concern and worry.

The money squandered did not come from just a particular community; the poor Malays in Kedah and Perlis working the padi fields contributed to the billions of squandered blood-and-sweat money too.

Negarawan: "At the beginning of his speech, Shahidan (Kassim) asked the crowd to clap louder, adding ‘the more you clap, the more you can ask for’."

Herein lies the problem with Umno - money politics. Even when faced with the biggest corruption scandal in the nation's history, Umno members still don't realise that the more important thing they should be asking for is integrity and honesty in their leaders.

It is really a shame.

Mosquitobrain: If you've made mistakes and you own up and make good, you're a man. But if you've made mistakes, you kept denying and try to cheat your way out, then you're a bastard. Not other people but you.

Anonymous 122461436161429: The PM has lost it. He continually insults Umno and the Malays by thinking that all of them are stupid.

The scandal and theft of billions involved him directly and is affecting Umno and the whole country and its institutions, and he says that he won't destroy the party and will stay on?

We say please do so that the destruction of Umno continues.

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