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Low, quit if public expectation too high

YOURSAY ‘Since he cannot meet our expectations, why is he still there?’

Public expectations too high, laments Paul Low

Aries46: Is Minister in the PM’s Department Paul Low blind? Can't he even see what is going on right under his very nose?

Can't he at least see the obvious open siphoning of public funds under the various guises? If our expectations are too high, how is that we are ranked as one of the most corrupt third world country? It’s more like Malaysians have overrated him.

But Low must take the larger blame for the present imbroglio as he holds the lofty graft eradication portfolio which conversely has increased multiple levels since he took office.

What has happened today has set the nation back many folds and has shamed Malaysians internationally as never before, and I doubt that people expect very much from meek minions like Low who seem complacent and content with the position and perks.

He’s a perfect fit for the Najib camp.

Negarawan: “In an interview with Sin Chew Daily , the former Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) chairperson admitted he has not been able to do what the public expected. He added it is impossible to do it as he is facing a deep-rooted culture that needs time to correct.”

Low, if you have indeed realised that the massive corruption in Umno-BN is deep-rooted, why did you join them?

If you are truly sincere about correcting the culture of corruption in the Umno-BN government, common sense will dictate that you cannot achieve this by accepting a backdoor minister position reporting to the alleged chief culprit himself?

Swipenter: Paul Low has got it wrong. It was the low expectations or no expectations, rather than the high expectations of the people, that Umno and Umnoputras were sincere in wanting to introduce reforms to make the government more transparent, accountable and responsible to combat corruption.

Instead, corruption has gotten worse now involving humongous sums that would burden the country for at least two generations even if stopped now.

Not to mention, it is threatening to further curb civil liberties and our freedom to speak and assemble peacefully to protest against corruption.

Speaking Sense: But we do expect Low to do something, not nothing. So since he cannot meet our expectations, why is he still there? Just quit and salvage some credibility and spare us the pain.

n1: Indeed, if you can't change things, you should at least speak up against the wrongdoings. You are now behaving like an eunuch who is appointed to whitewash all the crimes committed by corrupt politicians and officials.

Oxymoronictendencies: Of course, Low is right. You can't change years of culture steeped in graft, corruption and cronyism overnight. And no realistic person would expect that.

However, the rakyat's expectation is to see some positive visible movement towards the eradication of such a culture.

Instead, the rakyat have observed quite the reverse in recent months with dramatic attempts by those is power to cover up and whitewash corruption at the highest level of the government.

The judiciary is being used by the government to punish its critics. Equally the police are used by the government to hunt down and punish its critics.

In such an environment, Low has an impossible job and anyone with an iota of credibility, principle, integrity and self-respect would resign.

Clearwater: Low, public expectations may be too high but that is not helped by your lackluster performance either. You should resign forthwith to salvage whatever remains of your own integrity.

Apa Nama: There is no such thing as high expectation and low expectation of government's ministers and civil servant. What the public have is real and reasonable expectation.

You are running away from your responsibility by blaming the public. If you cannot do the job, resign honourably.

Myrights: How can is be considered high expectations when we simply expect clear and transparent explanation on the RM2.6 billion deposited into PM Najib Razak's account?

Until today, there is no satisfactory answer for this. Until today, they are still playing hide and seek with the taxpaying rakyat on who the alleged donor is, how exactly was the fund used and where the balance is?

Appum: Low, how about tackling the biggest and latest bribery scandal? The tracks are still fresh so nobody is asking you to do archeological analysis.

Actually we have zero expectancy of you as we know you're merely window dressing for Umno.

GE14NOW!: How do you even hope to eradicate corruption when you are holding hands with the very people who consider corruption as acceptable?

On the outside you would still have some credibility but we have all seen that one of the ways that this administration nullifies a person's effectiveness is to offer that person a position in the government. Essentially you got suckered into this.

The truth of the matter is that once you accepted the post, we had very low expectations from you. And you have failed to live up to these expectations.

RakyatBiasa: If you are unable to fulfill public expectations, what are you still doing in PM's Department? Polishing his golf balls?

Minister shouldn't blame public for his failures

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