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Minister shouldn't blame public for his failures

YOURSAY ‘Low has overvalued himself. Nobody expects him to eradicate corruption.’

Public expectations too high, laments Paul Low

Anonymous 122461436161429: Minister in the PM’s Department Paul Low, here are some facts for you to ponder.

Fact: The people's expectation of a clean and transparent government must and shall always be high as this is what they want from their elected leaders. This is not negotiable.

Fact: Our leaders are where they are at the people's pay and pleasure.

Fact: You have not met any of our expectations by your lame statements protecting the alleged corruption which has gravely affected the country.

Fact: The horse has bolted and instead of catching it and those responsible, you want to fix the stable door instead and protect the one who let the horse loose in the first place. What kind of accountability is this, Paul Low?

Quigonbond: What a crying shame. Low, as a public official, if you set low standards, the rest of Malaysia is going to follow suit. If the leader can be corrupt, we can be corrupt too. After all, we learn from example.

If a leader has no respect for rule of law, then why should we? It's not like it's impossible to clamp down on corruption.

It just takes a lot of political courage, a few good men who are prepared to go the distance and suffer some retaliation - to enforce those laws - elements which are sorely non-existent under BN rule for over 50 years.

The deep-rooted culture lies within the inner sanctum of Umno-BN. Indeed, how can we expect the fox to guard the pen?

We have so many stellar examples to learn from - Hong Kong's ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) for one - so don't tell us it is impossible to do or takes a long time.

If you can't push through the reform, you should salvage whatever remains of your tarnished reputation and leave the government while you still can.

Basically: Low, if you cannot do your job, then resign. Don’t take our money for nothing. If you cannot meet public expectations, then you shouldn't take public money for your cushy minister's post.

Do like P Waythamoorthy did. At least he did the honourable thing and resigned because it was crystal clear that he, like you, could never achieve his task in a lifetime.

RM2.6billion Duit Haram: Low, corruption has accelerated ever since you were made a minister. The situation has reached a critical stage and if corruption is left unchecked, the country might go bankrupt in no time.

Right in front of you is the mother of all corruption unfolding in front of you. An alleged bribery of RM2.6 billion is redefined as political donation, all for the purpose of legalising the illegal.

And I am sure you know how ridiculous those ministers have been in protecting Najib. And what have you done to right those wrongs?

Justine Gow: Well, he thinks that the public expectation of zero corruption is too high simply because his own expectation is too low.

He should resign from his minister’s post instead of lamenting if he can fulfill public expectations of him.

He is following the footsteps of his boss who blames everything and everybody, except himself for not carrying out his duties professionally.

XED: Low, stop whining and bleating. I cannot believe your allegation (without quotation marks) that people wanted to see "transparency and zero corruption immediately".

Not "immediately", it’s something totally unrealistic. You joined a corrupt, evil and oppressive regime which had, apparently in your own words, "a deep-rooted culture".

This regime feeds on the credibility that it gets when lambs like you join it for, in apparently your own word, an "impossible" task. This has happened many times for many years.

This evil regime would have been toppled long ago if people like you had remained steadfast and refused to join it. Please leave your "impossible" task and condemn the crooks and morons who are destroying this country.

Kawak: Low, why the need to justify your failure? You should know there is no way you can tackle corruption and financial scandals among powerful Umno warlords in the government.

You don't need extra time to do that. If you still have any honour and conviction to your Jesus Christ, please quit the cabinet. You enjoying taxpayers`s money with your fat pay and perks.

J Ng: Indeed, Low has overvalued himself. The public were skeptical of his appointment in the first place. Nobody expects him to eradicate corruption.

As a 'warrior' fighting for integrity and transparency, he had failed miserably to change laws that are causing all the poor governance. Even if he has tried, he still failed miserably in public perception by not voicing out publicly.

Failing to change or implement is a failure no matter how he described them. The harassment and actions against 1MDB investigators by the government is a reflection of Low's irrelevancy.

By his inaction or even his inability to act, he has proven Najib's right - that warrior can be tamed. If he cannot 'fight' from within, then he should pursue from outside. By not doing so, he cannot blame public for assuming his insincerity.

wg321: Today in Malaysia, the word "corruption" is called "donation". If a man is caught speeding, the motorist will have to pay a "donation".

The police officer may think "if the big boss can accept a donation of RM2.6 billion, why can't I accept donation too?"

He may even send his leftover "donation" overseas for safekeeping, like his big boss.

Low, quit if public expectation too high

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