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Rahman Dahlan, it’s PM who holds economy hostage

YOURSAY ‘All the bad news happened well before the Bersih 4 rally.’

Rahman Dahlan: Economy will be Bersih 4's victim

Ferdtan: This is a new economic hypothesis by Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan called ‘Dahlan-o-nomic’.

Instead of substantiating what he claimed with reasonable and well-thought-out arguments, with tested economic facts, he once again is doing the ‘chicken dance’ - the words coined for him by Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua.

The global crisis is imminent with the devaluation of China’s renminbi along with its stock market crash that has jolted the global markets.

Coupled with the US Federal Reserve’s indication of their intention to raise short-term interest rates and the nearly 1,700 point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the past week, this has surely affected the ringgit and the country’s economy.

But the big question remains: why we are the hardest hit in the region, with our ringgit fast becoming ‘banana money’? It is because of the perception of how bad our economy is managed (or mismanaged) by our government, with scandals such as 1MBD and colossal corruption.

Rahman, all the bad news happened well before the Bersih 4 rally really started.

Res Ipsa: May we ask if the fear is already setting in, Mr Minister? The fear of being ousted by the weight of public opinion.

We are already in an economic gloom, waiting to be doomed. And if nothing is done now to rectify the situation, becoming a failed state is a certainty.

All Malaysians are asking is for the respective institutions to be allowed to carry out their functions, without interference, to establish the root cause of the problems involving 1MDB and monies finding their way to the personal accounts of the PM.

In any other true democracy, the implicated person would have stepped down immediately - but the converse has taken place in Malaysia.

Instead of opposing the stand taken by the PM to disable all the ongoing investigations, you have all chosen to stand behind him for whatever gratification received from the alleged loot.

Rest assured that once the PM goes, all of you will have to follow suit on the ground of collective responsibility.

Asitis: The economy is the victim of the mismanagement and abuses of the current BN government, not Bersih 4. This is clear for all to see.

Anonymous #44199885: Rahman Dahlan, our economy has been in meltdown mode because of the PM's recent 'adventures' in destroying the independence of state institutions.

Foolish statements from people such as yourself and your continued irrational support for him and his alleged abuse of power and failure to answer allegations of corruption are further eroding the confidence of investors and more importantly, the Malaysian public.

You, your colleagues in the cabinet and the PM don’t care, as can been seen by your affirmation that you will continue to stay put regardless of the injury inflicted on the economy and the suffering of the rakyat.

The selfish attitude of Gerakan, MCA and MIC, exhibited by their silence, is shocking.

Chipmunk: Rahman, I don't know if you are arrogant or ignorant. The very reason for Bersih 4 is all because of your 'bangsat' leader who has created this economic downfall.

Malaysians are losing billions and jobs are at stake, thanks to Umno's ‘bangsat’ leaders. We are facing a global economic crisis and all you ‘bangsat’ ministers can think of is your pocket and your family while the rakyat suffer.

Bersih 4 is being wise and that is why we will all see you on Aug 29. Will you dare come to support Bersih's good and noble cause or continue to suck up to your ‘bangsat’ boss?

But don't be too sure if your government will survive this. Bersih 4 is to support a righteous government and not the current ‘bangsat’ government (please note that the word ‘bangsat’ is used because your boss labelled everyone as such).

Anonymous_1421806811: I’m not sure whether Rahman knows what is going with the economy or he, like his friends, still believes the declining ringgit is good for the country and all is well with the economy.

Since housing is part of his portfolio, we want to remind him that at the rate the ringgit is falling even the poor in Singapore will one day be able to buy high-end properties in Malaysia whereas middle-class Malaysians will be struggling to pay for an affordable home.

I guess Malaysians of all races will one day become ‘bangsat’ in their own country while serving the rich Singaporeans, Japanese, Americans and all others who benefited from the declining ringgit.

Anonymous_1419577444: Do an experiment. Get Najib to quit today and see what happens to the economy.

Maplesyrup: The blame game never ends. The victims so far include Jews, Christians, DAP and now Bersih. The day these goons start to recognise their own part in our malaise, will be the day Malaysia can recover from all the s**t we are in now!

GE14Now!: So nothing is ever your fault, is it? Your leader is the one who is causing investors to lose confidence in the country and you blame everyone else.

This is a classic Umno strategy - divert attention to some other (usually racial) issues and then blame everyone else. But it is not going to work anymore.

Even corruption has its limits and we are way over that limit. We have had enough of all of you. The more you spout, the angrier we get at you. Anyway, your leader will be very happy with a weaker ringgit because his US$700 million will become more in ringgit terms.

You lot are imbeciles. And the reason you cannot lead is because of rampant corruption and a mentality that says that the whole world owes you a living. Well, here's news for you. We do not owe you a living at all.

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