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Ex-PAS Youth legal head forms NGO for Bersih 4
Published:  Aug 28, 2015 5:34 AM
Updated: 5:50 AM

With PAS expected to stay out of Bersih 4, lawyers who formerly served in the party's legal bureau have set up a new NGO to provide legal aid in case of arrests during the weekend protest.

The new NGO called ProGuam is led by former PAS Youth legal and human rights director Noorazmir Zakaria.

"In line with ProGuam's commitment to Bersih 4, ProGuam has prepared 80 lawyers who will be on duty during the rally.

"ProGuam lawyers will be on the field at rally gathering points for observation work and will also be deployed to police stations for remand proceedings if there are arrests," said Noorazmir in a statement today.

He added that three hotlines have also been set up to deal with arrests in relation to Bersih 4, namely: 017-394 1559, 017-394 1561 and 017-303 2591.

Noorazmir said ProGuam was initiated by former committee members of PAS Youth's legal and human rights department and is open to lawyers with any political affiliation.

"We have also accepted lawyers from Ikram and now have over 100 members nationwide," he said.

Noorazmir said the lawyers have a track record in assisting those arrested in rallies such as in all three previous Bersih rallies, the anti-ISA protest and most recently represented students who were arrested for protesting outside Parliament.

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