Captain Najib may be forced to walk the plank

YOURSAY ‘The only reason he is fighting to stay on is the fear of the consequences...’

I am staying the course, vows Najib

Odin Tajué: PM Najib Abdul Razak, don't talk big. There is no need to make reference to the sail and anchor of your imagined pirate skiff. You are no fearless, resolute warrior. Far from it.

Going by the comments of several Malaysians ranging from nobodies to individuals of some stature to luminaries, you are a hen-pecked husband.

Yes, we know you will stay put. You definitely will not even take a temporary leave of absence, never mind stepping down from your position. Doing either will mean the certain end for you, a devastatingly ignominious one.

One can't prove it - not yet, anyway - but circumstantial evidence says you are guiltier than sin vis-à-vis the US$700 million/1MDB/SRC International grand scam.

You are safe for now, because you are surrounded and protected by a pack of men of the same bent as you. But the time for reckoning will come. Yes, it will, as certain as the sun rises in the East.

Iiiizzzziiii: The real danger this country is facing is a leadership crisis that involved the PM and his ministers.

When a leader cannot differentiate between corruption and donation, between facts and lies, between democracy and totalitarian government, then what will happen to the freedom and rights of the country’s citizens?

What is the constitution for then? Just some papers with some printed words that can be amended or discarded on a whim and fancy?

The sin committed here is not by one person but by all those who knowingly give their support in return for reward. And these are the people who are going to steer the country?

Do they have the interest of the people at heart or are they just paying lip service while busy enriching themselves so that they can live happily ever after when the ship has finally sunk.

Anonymous_1421806811: Najib lost all credibility when he accepted a RM2.6 billion “donation” into his personal bank account.

I believe the only reason he is fighting to stay on is the fear of the consequences and the possibility of a long jail sentence, should he relinquish his power.

We can expect him to behave like an animal caught in a corner, fighting for its life.

Anonymos: The 'leader' of a country who, by his own admission, took billions of ringgit from foreign powers should be tried for treason. Imagine the size of the favour he is now beholden to his foreign master.

Are we truly ‘merdeka’ today when we are being colonised by such unidentified foreign powers - which paid billions to ensure the PM serves their interests? These so-called leaders are the true traitors.

Maruah, bangsa dan negara kita sudah tergadai kepada orang asing. Fikirlah. Merdekakah kita?

Commentable: With RM2 billion or more in his personal bank account somewhere, who wouldn’t want to stay the course? Even if the ship sinks, there is no loss to him.

The worst-case scenario is that he will be the first to abandon ship before it sinks. We have seen "captains" like him who did the same thing and they don't even have a RM2 billion lifeline to stay afloat, which incidentally is more than enough for him and his next few generations to live in luxury.

Now, who is the real "traitor" here? Are they the ones who gathered in Kuala Lumpur for the past two days to sound the alarm or the one who is staying the course to ruin the nation by allegedly stealing and robbing its people and depriving them and their next generations of equal opportunities?

Gerard Lourdesamy: Najib sounds like the captain of the Titanic after hitting the iceberg. Who is the instigator and traitor?

You allegedly got a RM2.6 billion donation allegedly from an Arab ruler or prince in order to stay in power. So, who is selling the country to foreigners and allowing them to determine our future?

Your mandate from 47 percent of the people can be removed if you cease to command the confidence of the majority in the Dewan Rakyat or if the Yang di-Pertuan Agong deems that you have lost the support of the people and are leading the country to political, economic and social ruin.

Finally, if the country belongs to all of us, kindly, return the RM2.6 billion and the RM42 million that went into your private accounts to the rakyat so that we can all benefit from it in the Merdeka spirit of ‘Sehati Sejiwa’.

Well Thats Fantastic: This must have been one of the most arrogant, pompous speeches I have heard.

If he can't respect the effort of the many Malaysians who took to the streets to voice their concerns and desire for clean governance, why should anyone respect him?

All the grandeur, deep voice, and rolling of R's amount to nothing when you leave questions unanswered.

Citizen No.26: It is an irony that Najib said, "Indeed... We would never allow anyone from within or from outside to simply walk in and steal, ruin or destroy all that we have built so far."

That is precisely what Bersih 4 is about.

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