On cue, Umno plays race card in wake of Bersih 4

YOURSAY ‘The race-baiting of Bersih 4 began even before it even ended.’

Syed Ali: Bersih 4 a slap for the Malays

Aries46: Cheras Umno division chief Syed Ali Alhabshee says the DAP did not bring any benefit to the Malays, but at least they don't steal the nation's wealth under the guise of helping the Malays.

The amounts are colossal running into billions that has necessitates GST (Goods and Services Tax) and every other form of taxation.

Syed Ali himself who once spoke of the need for 1MDB to be accountable and its affairs to be investigated has made a complete U-turn ever since PM Najib Razak warned party lackeys who had taken money from him not to turn against him.

Syed Ali's idiotic strategy of working up the Malays against the Chinese with stupid stories of Malays being shamed and exploited are meant to divert the Malays from the ongoing scandals and corruption of its leaders.

This modus operandi is the most stale and overplayed record in the Umno annals of 'corruption distractions' and it is time that hare-brained leaders of Umno units that have overstayed their positions be discarded by Gen Y Malays who realise the folly of being cheated and exploited by their own kind.

Swipenter: The race-baiting of Bersih 4 began even before it even ended. The spins by Umnoputras and those aligned to them came in many forms.

However the message is the same - the Chinese are challenging and insulting the Malays (and Islam). We had our "Chinese tsunami" in GE13 and now "Bersih Cina" in 2015.

None of them would care to acknowledge the five aims of Bersih 4, the significant Malay presence and it was peaceful. They would insinuate that Bersih 4 was about overthrowing the current government which was never one of Bersih 4's aims.

Some would even to go the extent that the Chinese don't care about "Merdeka" and has no love and patriotism for Bolehland which is illogical.

If the Chinese or others don't love Bolehland, why are they rallying against corruption, reforms for better governance, free and fair elections and against ineffective leadership?

Justice only exists when there is evil. Light only exists when there is darkness. None can exist by itself.

Ferdtan: Syed Ali, Bersih 4 a slap for the Malays. How? Even former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad attended at the rally - not once but twice - saying that he supported the people’s power.

So was his presence a slap for the Malays? So do you want to slap him?

Anonymous_1425871172: That is how BN stays in power, scaring the rural folks with allegations that the Chinese are taking over the country. It is a very old trick which has been used since Abdul Razak's post-May 13 era, and it has been recycled time and again.

I hope the rural folks, especially the Malays, understand that Bersih last weekend is about "corruption, fair election and saving the country's economy".

I am sure they feel the pinch but are blinded by the racial card played by Umno, which portrays the Chinese as the "bad guy".

Those Chinese who turned up last weekend are patriotic Malaysians who wanted the best for Malaysians.

Syed Ali, you should have been there when they sang ‘Negaraku’ at the stroke of midnight on Aug 31. You would cry when the crowd sang their hearts out in Dataran Merdeka.

Anonymous_1371479577: Some of images I saw of Bersih should be examples of how all races can work together.

How come our leaders do not highlight such positive race relations but only highlight the negative? Racial politics is truly counterproductive to nation building.

Wira: Syed Ali, get rid of the corrupt first. All Malaysians are with any leader on this point. That's what the Bersih participants were rallying for last weekend.

You can't be that selfish as to get the Malays united under an utterly corrupt leadership, right?

Anonymous 1715431435194895: Bersih 4 is a slap on Najib's and the ruling government's face. Simple as that.

If action is taken against those who stomped on pictures of Najib and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, then the 'red shirts' who poured fake blood on pictures of Bersih leader Maria Chin Abdullah must face action too. Fair?

Karma: It is a double blow for Umno when Mahathir visited Bersih 4 rally, twice. By the way, Umno leaders who were so fond of burning effigies and stepping on posters of DAP leaders should not feel bad about getting some that themselves.

Mushiro: Indeed, Bersih 4 has left Najib and Umno dumbfounded. Najib claimed only 25,000 people attended but Umno's reaction showed as if 500,000 people were there.

The Umno ministers are contradicting themselves. They claimed that Bersih 4 was a non-event and yet they reacted as if this was the event of the year.

Even the police are at a loss - who to arrest and for what. Mahathir's attendance has zapped Umno into a state of incoherence. Umno may not recover from this.

StraightTalk: It is the same rhetoric by Umno politicians to shift the blame on the DAP and keep accusing the opposition for all the problems faced by the Malays. The whole world knew that the Bersih 4 rally was not at all about Malay leaders.

It was about saving this nation from corrupt leaders. A corruption-free nation benefits everyone, including the Malays. And so long as Umno politicians do not accept this truth, they will keep blaming everything under the sun except themselves.

Myop101: Syed Ali, no one is interested in slapping anyone. We just want a) clean government, b) free and fair elections, c) the strengthening of parliamentary democracy, and d) save the ailing economy.

Once you get that in your system, you will realise any morally right Malaysians will see these are noble reasons to fight for. Living in denial means PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), NFC (National Feedlot Corporation), 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) and such scandals will only continue with no end in sight.

T: Syed Ali, who had fired the DPM when he dared to voice out his doubts in your Umno division meeting? Who had the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) officers arrested? Who had the AG (attorney-general) fired? Who?

So who is really slapping the Malays around?

Chee Hoe Siew: Is Syed Ali for real? He is already implying that Malay loves corruption and corrupt leadership.

Moreover, he indicates that it is the inherent rights of the Malay to do so. This is the kind of leader that the Malay should shun as he is a bad influence for everyone.

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On cue, Umno plays race card in wake of Bersih 4

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