DAP told to apologise for legal threat over anti-DAP sermon

Modified 28 Sep 2015, 10:08 am

DAP has been told to apologise for threatening to sue the Pahang Islamic Department (JAIP) over a sermon which allegedly painted the party as anti-Islam .

Perkasa Islamic affairs bureau chairperson Amini Amir Abdullah said the sermon prepared by Pahang mufti Abdul Rahman Osman's office was pure, and DAP had no right to muddle it.

"DAP has no right to give an ultimatum or a warning to JAIP without understanding the contents of the Aidiladha sermon.

"Perkasa urges DAP to apologise to JAIP for meddling in Islam and JAIP's affairs," he said in a statement today.

An excerpt of the sermon text reads:

“Lately, we see obvious fissures among Muslims in this country, especially among Malays. This is because political parties are prioritised above unity and Islamic brotherhood, like Umno, PAS, PKR and now a new party (sic) called Gerakan Harapan Baru. In fact, there are also Muslims who join the DAP, which is clearly anti-Islam."

Pahang DAP chairperson Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puri has threatened to sue JAIP if it does not apologise over the sermon by Wednesday.

Abdul Rahman however said JAIP will not apologise for the sermon, which he stressed was not slanderous, and was meant to remind Muslims to stay united.

Perak PAS ulama wing has backed the mufti, saying the legal threat by Muslims in DAP was deplorable.

"We are very disappointed. How can a Muslim want to sue a body with the authority to defend Islam? This is against the nature of someone who truly practices Islam," Perak PAS Ulama chief Sidek Mohd Noor said in a statement today.

He has urged DAP to abandon their plans, as suing JAIP will only make them look more anti-Islam.

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