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Najib bolsters his position with Muhyiddin's suspension

YOURSAY | ‘Najib is killing two birds with one stone with the move.’

Mukhriz: Muhyiddin's removal will be 'final nail in Umno's coffin'

Ferdtan: PM Najib Abdul Razak as party president would not benefit much from the sacking of his deputy; that is unless he had no choice if Muhyiddin Yassin really posed a big threat. No danger there; Muhyiddin is weak.

If he were to be replaced by DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as acting deputy party president, then Najib will be in much greater risk of losing out to a more popular Umno leader. Zahid in his present position is strong enough to pose a challenge to Najib.

In politics, the balancing of power is important; keep your two strongest competitors under check. One holds the DPM’s post and the other the party’s deputy president. That way Najib can checkmate either of them if they get any ideas on ousting him.

What if Najib were to step down, who will inherit the president’s-cum-PM post? The sacked DPM but still a party deputy president, Muhyiddin, or the current DPM, Zahid? Who has the right to the throne of Putrajaya?

Indeed, now we can understand why the pro-DPM supporters are so keen to remove Muhyiddin.

Najib is killing two birds with one stone with Muhyiddin’s suspension. Both Muhyiddin and Zahid would be weakened, or have any legitimate claim, to pose any threat to the chief.

Doc: I beg to differ, Mukhriz Mahathir. Nothing is going to happen in Umno if Muhyiddin is suspended or even sacked.

Umno is a party no different from the Communist Party of China (CPC). In CPC, decisions pertaining to the party's direction and of the nation are done by the ruling elite. What the party president says, goes. Same here in Umno.

Najib says Muhyiddin goes and the party seniors execute it. This was the standard implemented by former boss Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Just like the CPC, normal citizens are invited to join the party but have no say in party matters. The ruling elite call the shots.

Will the party grassroots retaliate? The answer is "no". Umno though their decades of spoon-feeding have made the Malay race subservient and dependent on Umno.

The Malays have been programmed not to question or complain as Umno is there to protect them.

This so evident as Najib and Umno continue destroying the entire fabric of Malaysian society for which the Malays are suffering the most, but they are not standing up against Umno's acts.

Democrat: While I agree with Doc, I must say all good things will come to an end. The question is when.

Umno-BN has systematically destroyed our beautiful country. I believe in history. Umno will fall, and the sycophantic MCA, MIC and PPP will fall with it.

Visu: Mukhriz, even your father was a slow learner, having now found out that anything that is built on weak foundation such as bias, ego and greed would never stand the test of time.

It is shocking to note that Lee Kuan Yew was just across the border and led a small nation without the resources that Malaysia had into a powerhouse in the global economy.

Yet Mahathir’s ego was too big and his brains too small that he refused to learn so as to ensure the well-being of the nation.

The Malays who trusted him have definitely seen the foolhardiness of this blind trust in Umno, whose members, as epitomised by Najib, have today put greed and personal self-aggrandisement ahead of the people and nation.

Kangkung: Final nail? Najib has the golden nail - RM2.6 billion in his account - and any member can be bought. Muhyiddin is no great loss.

Bumiputhran: Dear Mukhriz, I have some news for you in case you don’t know.

Not far from a distant land - down under to be precise - we can see a Malaysia that we knew of visibly morphing into a full blown one-man dictatorship, while the clowns donning ministerial garb are scuttling around trying to hide the transformation with mosquito nets.

Hilarious, if not for its dire consequences to the sleepy rakyat.

Pisasu 7: What's the difference between Chairman Mao, Chairman Mahathir and Chairman Najib?

Mao shoots opponents, Mahathir puts them in jail via the Internal Security Act (ISA), Najib uses Arab ‘donations’ to buy all the Umno warlords and members.

CM reveals previous BN rulings that can bankrupt Penang

Fair Play: Lim Guan Eng, maybe you didn't realise what you had said. If ever Pakatan Harapan take over Putrajaya, the new government would be made bankrupt inside a year through a slew of lawsuits.

Then you give the ‘ketuanan’ and their BN coalition partners the pleasure of gloating that Pakatan Harapan is not ready to rule at the federal level.

It’s better stay as opposition and take potshots at them like what PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli is doing now. You must fight the war like the guerrilla - hit and run.

Lone_Star: Truly with the financial, political, economic, legal, social, religious mess left behind by the ruling government; any sane alternative party would not be too keen to take over the government.

And to top that, we have people who expect instant political, economic and social changes in the states taken over by the alternative party, sanity would go out through the next opened window.

The ruling government took more than 50 years to cause the mess, it would probably take at least the same time, if not more, to right things. Go figure this out.

Penangites Strive to be Ahead: Guan Eng, how about asking for ‘donations’ to help pay the compensation?

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