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IGP wants man who warned US Dept of Justice about him arrested
Published:  Apr 2, 2016 10:16 AM
Updated: 9:48 AM

Inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar wants police to arrest a Twitter user for warning the United States Department of Justice against Khalid.

This comes after the IGP said US Department of Justice officials have no right to question anyone on Malaysian grounds without local authorisation.

US Department of Justice officials were reportedly in Kuala Lumpur as part of their probe into 1MDB-linked funds.

“Detect and catch this person for goading the rakyat, by making outrageous claims through this seditious post,” Khalid instructed the Police Cyber Investigation Response Centre (PCIRC) via Twitter.

He was referring to Twitter user @drcolinfu, who told the US Department of Justice to “beware” of Khalid.

“He (is) a corrupt-not good police (officer). He protects Najib and 1MDB,” the tweet reads.

The tweet tagged the US Department of Justice, Khalid and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Khalid also instructed the action against Amanah Youth deputy chief Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin for reportedly saying BN can only be toppled through large-scale riots.

“PCIRC and D5 investigation unit, please take action against this seditious person,” Khalid instructed in a tweet.

Shazni was reported as saying so by website Bicara News .

“It is almost impossible for the polls to allow BN to lose so stop being silly by talking about formal means of democracy - this is the weapon of those in power.

“So what then? Surely not take to the streets again? The answer is yes and no.

“Yes, if people are willing to remain on the streets for days and not return to eat ‘kuaci’ after just half a day of demonstrating.

“Cab drivers started demonstrating yesterday - this is the start of a bigger wave which must continue,” he is quoted as saying in a statement on April 1.

Bicara ’s report was republished by blog Malaysia Today , which caught the IGP’s attention.

The instructions for arrest comes after an engineer was nabbed by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission for a Facebook posting against Najib.

It was earlier reported that the engineer was sacked from his position in Petronas over the posting, which was a comment on a speech Najib gave on Police Day.

However, sources in the know in Petronas told Malaysiakini the engineer was employed by a Petronas vendor, and not the national oil and gas company.

When contacted, Petronas reserved comment on the matter.

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