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US delivers a tight slap in the face to M’sian authorities

YOURSAY | ‘We have to ask why they can see wrongdoing on an immense scale when we can't.’

WSJ: US set to seize 1MDB-linked assets

Negarawan: “The United States Justice Department is expected to act to seize assets linked to 1MDB, which could be the largest of such seizures in US history…”

While investigations in seven countries have led to arrests and seizure of assets, the Malaysian authorities have closed all local investigations on 1MDB despite Malaysia being the epicentre.

This clear disparity shows that there is no more integrity and credibility in the Malaysian institutions.

"The seizure will involve properties and other assets bought with money allegedly misappropriated from the Malaysian fund."

This simply means that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have confirmed and verified the money trail from Malaysia, going through the complex web of fraudulent accounts around the world and finally to the accounts of the perpetrators.

While information can be concealed from the Malaysian public through the abuse of enactments such as the Official Secrets Act (OSA), the perpetrators cannot hide any information from the DOJ and FBI.

Fair-minded Malaysians must continue to pray for divine justice to be served on all the perpetrators behind 1MDB, and for good governance and leadership to prevail.

1MsiaMyAss Jib: Largest...? So that means we're No 1 again?

Anonymous 2362021442199789: When the US actually moves to file for seizure of the assets, it will be interesting to see how our local sycophants and bootlickers react.

They will probably still twist and turn, and accuse the US of conspiring with the prime minister's detractors to unseat a democratically elected leader.

In any event, it is truly shameful that we are dependent on foreign authorities to spearhead what should be our own fight against the scourge of corruption and compromised institutions.

Perish the aspiration of becoming a developed nation anytime soon. We are rapidly regressing instead.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Yes, this seems like a grand conspiracy to get at our prime minister and the ruling regime.

They (the US) have always been jealous of our moderate, tolerant, and peaceful way we do things here.

Proarte: Let us hope the US justice system investigates Jho Low and prosecute him as appropriate - let him then sing like a canary to expose the criminals in this appalling mega scandal.

Fair&Just: In the US, often the assets seized belong to drug cartels, or some evil and corrupt African countries.

Such assets are sources of money normally from crimes, such as murder, drug-running, corruption, money laundering and vice.

So Malaysia has now 'progressed' to the bottom rung of a lowlife, criminal, African-like, dictatorial country.

Bamboo: The cover-up on 1MDB can only be done within Malaysia, not beyond. Thank God for that.

JusticeNow!: While Malaysian authorities are sleeping, the US Department of Justice is hard at work. Soon the spin masters will have a hole too big to cover and 1MDB will be the biggest financial scandal and money-laundering case in the history of the world.

The staggering and sinful amount involved will make every name linked to 1MDB and its cover-up go into the Hall of Shame.

The untold suffering brought to the rakyat is unforgivable, and the wrongdoers should be brought to account.

Oscar Kilo: Good to hear that other countries are carrying out justice where Malaysia cannot or will not do.

Amateur: Indeed, this is good news to the nation. It is said the US Justice Department confiscated, and then auctioned, the assets of a former president of Taiwan.

They later returned all revenues to the government of Taiwan. I trust they would proceed likewise in 1MDB's case.

Headhunter: Once the seizures start and the main culprits are fingered officially, all the canaries who are now in cahoots with them, will sing one after another.

If I were them, I'll start writing my SD (statutory declaration) well in advance now. Who knows when the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the police will come knocking on their doors.

FellowMalaysian: Finally, just the right tonic we all have been waiting for. The US DOJ is seizing assets bought from money laundered through 1MDB.

This proves the US investigators' scrutiny into 1MDB's money trail has finally hit the jackpot and they are ready to file charges based on credible evidence.

It looks like it will not just be stripping PM Najib Razak stepson Riza Aziz's mega million properties in Manhattan and Los Angeles. And coming at a time when Penang is about to do battle in the polls. Talk about divine intervention indeed.

SusahKes: What a shame this 1MDB debacle has become. That the seizure of its assets could be the largest in US history. This is the legacy that Najib/Umno/BN end up bequeathing to Malaysia?

How much longer will the sycophants continue to act as apologists for 1MDB? How much longer will they hide behind their control of civil apparatuses and mass media, offering us juvenile excuses one after another, while other countries are moving in to administer justice?

SSG: There might even be a Hollywood blockbuster entitled called ‘1MDB’ sometime in the future. If done with talented actors and directors (Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese come to mind), it might even win the Oscar one day.

But to do it right, it must go back 35 years to capture the conditions that had led to this.

Raja Chulan: This is going to be worse than Marcos, Shah of Iran, and Idi Amin combined.

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