Minister status for opposition leader under a Harapan gov't

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INTERVIEW | The parliamentary opposition leader will be accorded minister status should Pakatan Harapan win the coming general election and take over the country's administration.

In disclosing this, Bersatu's policy and strategy bureau head Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff said that Harapan was serious in changing negative perceptions when it came to the opposition.

"We are going to give dignity to the opposition when we take over the government.

"We even want to give ministerial status to the head of the opposition. This is not something we are just going to say as a matter of rhetoric but it's going to be in our manifesto," Rais told Malaysiakini in a recent interview.

The opposition leader, Rais explained, will be given a proper office as well as privileges on par with those of a minister.

"Obviously (he or she) will not be sitting in the cabinet. This ministerial status is similar in rank to some of our ambassadors who also have a ministerial status.

"Sufficient dignity and recognition of their roles will be provided," added Rais...